Create Salesforce Case using Emoji

Let us go through the flow of creating a Salesforce case from Slack using emojis with ClearFeed.

  1. A customer conversation is created: When you get a message from a requester on a request channel about a new query, a request is created on ClearFeed.

  2. First-level support on Slack: Your team can triage and do the first level of support from Slack. If you are not able to resolve the request, you can convert it to a case.

  3. Add an Emoticon: You can convert this to a case by adding 🎟ī¸ emoticon to the first message in the thread.

  4. The entire thread gets synced to the Salesforce case: All the messages in the thread (initial message, replies, and any attachments in these messages) are saved as the description on Salesforce.

  5. We create and update a field Is_Clearfeed__c for all new cases that are created from the ClearFeed integration. This can be used to identify cases created from Slack

  6. Salesforce confirmation message: ClearFeed will post a reply on the corresponding thread once an case is created.

  7. Comments from the Salesforce case get posted on Slack: Any public comment and attachments sent from Salesforce on the case get posted on the Slack thread. ClearFeed will post public comments from Salesforce agents as a bot. This bot will display the agent's name and profile picture.

  8. Messages from Slack get posted on the Salesforce: Messages posted on the Slack thread will get posted on Salesforce.

  9. Sync with Triage Channel: All messages on the case and the request channel are also synced to the Slack thread on the triage channel. A part of the team can continue to work from the triage channel as well. All responses from the triage channel will be posted on the request channel and get synced to the ticketing platform as well.

  10. Case solve and other state changes: When the Case status changes state on Salesforce, ClearFeed syncs the status of the ticket on the thread.

  11. Automated State Transition: Case Status is updated when a non-responder posts a message in the thread.

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