Ticketing Forms for Freshdesk

Configuring Freshdesk Forms

Creating Forms requires integrating ClearFeed with Freshdesk. Get started by following our detailed documentation.

Setting up Freshdesk Forms

  1. After the integration, navigate to Objects in ClearFeed.

  2. Select Freshdesk from the dropdown menu, and open the Forms tab.

  3. You will notice that a default Form is already created.

Default Freshdesk Form

The default Freshdesk Form, titled Default Freshdesk Ticket Form, is automatically created when you integrate your Freshdesk account with ClearFeed.

Default Freshdesk Ticket Form is associated with all tickets by default. This form has hidden field properties and allows for direct ticket creation.

Creating a new Freshdesk Ticket Form

  1. Navigate to Objects in ClearFeed

  2. Select Freshdesk from the dropdown menu

  3. Click on Add Form button and give an appropriate name

  4. You will be able to structure the Create form and the Edit form

  5. From the right-hand panel, add relevant fields

  6. Select the field properties such as Default value, Editable By, and Required field?.

    • Learn more about these field properties here.

  7. Once you are done, hit Save.

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