Screens for Zendesk Tickets

This section will cover details on the configuration of Zendesk ticketing screens

What are the ticketing screen configuration options for Zendesk?

Upon converting requests into Zendesk tickets, the ticket details are relayed back to the requester on the request channel. These details are presented within a structured element known as a ticket message block.

The screens section empowers you to modify and configure how this ticket message is displayed to the requester. This includes the ability to show or hide a Zendesk ticket's Priority and Status, as well as manage the ticket resolution buttons, enabling you to mark Zendesk tickets as Solved directly from the request channel on Slack.

It is mandatory to enable Zendesk ticketing to access screen configuration settings. Learn how to do that here.

Accessing screen configuration options

To configure the ticket message for Zendesk ticketing, follow the steps given below:

  1. Head over to the Objects section on the ClearFeed web application ->

  2. Under the ticketing drop-down, select Zendesk Ticketing.

  3. Select Screens from the tabs mentioned under Zendesk Ticketing.

Screen configuration options for Zendesk ticketing

The screen configuration options allow users to configure the ticket message block that is displayed to requesters and responders on Slack. The following options are available for configuration:

  • Fields: The following fields can be chosen to be shown on the ticket message block.

    • Priority - The priority of the Zendesk ticket can be shown on Slack using this field.

    • Status - By default, the Status of the Zendesk ticket is shown on Slack. This cannot be configured to be hidden

    • Ticket URL - Choose whether to expose the URL of the Zendesk ticket on the Slack thread or not.

  • Actions:

    1. You can choose to show the Mark as Solved button that allows responders/requesters to solve a Zendesk ticket right from the request channel.

      • Check the option to display the Mark as Solved button on the ticket message block.

        • Permissions: All or Responder.

          • All - Allows both the requesters and responders to use the Mark as Solved button

          • Responder - Only responders will be able to use the Mark as Solved button

    2. View Form button: Allows the users to see fields and their values from the Form used during ticket creation.

      • Permissions: All or Responder

      • Note: When permission is set to All - the requesters will be able to see the fields exposed to them during ticket creation. Fields with Form level permission set to "Responders" will not be visible to all users in the View Form.

Note: The visibility of the Edit Ticket button in a (new) ticket depends on the status of the Edit action within the Parent Form. To know more, read here.

Example of how the ticket message block looks after screen configuration

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