Slack Channels

Use the existing knowledge from your Slack channels to answer new questions and deflect repetitive queries

This feature is in beta right now and not available publicly. Please reach out via Slack or email us at to test this out.

Along with the traditional knowledge articles and websites, you can also leverage the history of your Slack channels to serve as a knowledge base for our GPt-powered answering model.

Since this feature is not rolled out on the UI - you can let us know if you want to try it out.

Here are some pre-requisite steps to complete:

  • Add the ClearFeed app to the channel whose history you want to index

  • Share the channel name with us

  • We would create a custom knowledge source after indexing the data from this Slack channel

Once the above process is done - the answers will reflect knowledge from both, your configured knowledge sources and the Slack channel(s).

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