Request Management on MS Teams

ClearFeed acts as a request management platform that helps you drive conversations on MS Teams to a closure.

When ClearFeed is added to an MS Teams account, you should add the ClearFeed bot individually to each Team. You can monitor the conversations in all channels under the Teams.

Note: Currently, we support monitoring conversations only from public channels under Teams.

Firstly, add ClearFeed to Teams in your account by following the guide mentioned here. Then, to get started with using ClearFeed-MS Teams, you would first need to create a Collection and add the channels you want to monitor with ClearFeed.

Creating a Collection

  1. Navigate to the ClearFeed web app (

  2. In the bottom-left section, click on Add a new Collection

  3. Enter a relevant Name for a collection

  4. Responder Settings: Responders are a set of people from your organization (e.g. support agents) whose messages will not be considered as requests. These people will be the primary responders on customer/internal employee requests.

    • Enter a list of users: If specific people are considered as responders.

    • Enter email domains: This would make anyone in the MS Teams account sharing the entered email domain a responder (useful for customer support use cases)

    • None: There would be no responders

  5. Request Channels: Enter the channels you want to monitor under the Collection. To proceed - we'd recommend adding at least one channel.

  6. Auto-Assign: Toggle this ON if you want to assign a ClearFeed request to the first responder.

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