Data Visualization

ClearFeed supports three types of data views - Bar chart, Line chart, and Table view. These views can be selected by the button in the data widget as shown below:

Bar Chart and Line Chart Views:

  • In these views, dates are represented on the x-axis, and the metric values are represented on the y-axis.

  • When a breakdown is selected, the data for each selected breakdown property are labeled with different colors.

  • Hovering on the bars or lines will show details like date and metric values.

Table View:

  • The table view shows the metric values in numbers as per the applied filters.

  • The data can also be further broken down by time frame by clicking on the buttons shown below-

Additionally, in this view, you can see the number of requests and the calculation metrics used to calculate the breach for the following metrics - % of First Response SLA Breached, % of Resolution Time SLA Breached, and, % One Touch Resolution Breached as shown below:

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