Filing Linear Issues against requests

Learn how to file Linear issues via ClearFeed

Filing a Linear Issue can be done via the following methods:

  • Via ClearFeed Actions (Three-dots from Slack message)

  • Via Triage More Actions (Accessible via the button on triage)

Walkthrough of filing a Linear Issue via ClearFeed

Please watch the below video to understand how to file a Linear Issue:

  1. Against any message from the request channel you want to file a Linear issue, select ClearFeed Actions from shortcuts.

  2. Select File a Linear issue option from ClearFeed Actions.

  3. Select the messages in the thread you want to be displayed in the Linear issue. Note: Any attachments, such as images selected to be filed will only be sent as a Slack link.

  4. You can choose the Linear team in which you want to file the issue . You can also edit the Title and description. You can also assign any user from Linear to the issue.

  5. Choose and add priority from Linear while filing the issue.

  6. If any one of the "Post Linear issue details to #cf-sandbox-connect channel" check-box is selected, then updates from Linear will be posted back to the same Slack request channel thread. Read the below section on "Exposing Linear Issues to the requesters" to understand more on this.


  • Currently, Linear Integration only supports Public Teams.

  • Attachments, such as images and videos, will be sent as links from Slack

Exposing Linear Issues to the requesters

If any of the checkboxes shown above are checked, the linear issue and the status of the issue will be made visible to the requesters.

Use the above checkbox if you want only want status updates synced back to the thread. Comments will not be synced back to the Slack thread from Linear. Comments on the Slack thread will be posted to Linear issue.

Use the above checkbox if you want Bi-directional Sync - Comments will be synced back to the Slack thread from Linear & comments on the Slack thread will be posted to the Linear issue. Any status changes on the Linear issue will also be posted back to the thread.

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