ClearFeed Terminologies to get you started

  1. Which product edition is suitable for my use case?

ClearFeed offers three products to cater to the following use cases.

  • External Helpdesk - ClearFeed helpdesk for supporting customers via Slack-connect channels

  • Internal Helpdesk - ClearFeed helpdesk for supporting internal employees on Slack for teams like IT, Finance, Legal, HR, Engineering, Sales Ops, etc.

  • ClearFeed Integrations - 2-way integration between Slack threads and existing ticketing/engineering tools on internal Slack channels. Note that this product is not available in Slack-connect channels. For using stand-alone integrations in Slack Connect channels, you will have to use the “External Helpdesk” product

  1. What is the unit of pricing for each of ClearFeed’s products?

  • External Helpdesk - Number of Slack Connect Channels

  • Internal Helpdesk - Number of Agents

  • ClearFeed Integrations - Number of Tickets

  1. What are the differences between ClearFeed integrations and Internal Helpdesk products?

ClearFeed’s internal helpdesk is a standalone helpdesk built on Slack using which agents can manage their end-to-end workflow and reporting. This serves as a system of record and their primary ticketing system. There are still features supported within this helpdesk to support integrations with a few ticketing and task management systems to link/file part of the clearfeed tickets to other downstream systems. ClearFeed’s integration product is used as a bi-directional integration between Slack and ticketing/engineering systems. In this case, the agent's end-to-end workflow and reporting are managed in their primary ticketing system which is generally not ClearFeed, and ClearFeed is used as a bi-directional integration between Slack and the ticketing system.

  1. Does ClearFeed offer ClearFeed Integration products in Slack-connect channels?

We don’t currently offer ClearFeed integrations as a stand-alone product for Slack Connect channels. You will need to use our product “ClearFeed for External Helpdesks” and our integrations feature within that product to integrate Slack connect channels with your ticketing system (eg. Zendesk, Freshdesk, intercom, etc.). The pricing for the ClearFeed External Helpdesk product would be based on the number of Slack connect channels monitored via ClearFeed.

FAQs for the 3 different product editions are covered here:

  • External Helpdesk

  • Internal Helpdesk

  • Integrations

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