Work on Intercom tickets from Slack

Bring Intercom tickets into Slack and empower your agents to collaborate using ClearFeed

What is the Reverse Intercom workflow?

  • Intercom tickets started outside of Slack (via email or help center) can be brought to Slack.

  • ClearFeed would enable bi-directional sync of comments and status ensuring that the support team can remain on Slack first while details are captured in the Intercom ticket.

Setting up the Reverse Intercom flow

  1. Create a dedicated Slack channel to receive the tickets and monitor the channel using ClearFeed (learn how to monitor a channel).

  2. Install the Intercom Slack app on your Slack workspace.

  3. Create a new Intercom Workflow: Follow the steps here to create a Notify Slack channel workflow.

Important: Add the Created via API is false filter to exclude notifications for Intercom tickets created through ClearFeed from another Slack channel. This ensures you only receive notifications for tickets directly submitted via Intercom.

  1. Whitelist the Intercom Slack Bot: Go to the following page → and under Whitelist Bot, select the Intercom Slack app.

Here's how the tickets from Intercom would look like coming into Slack:

The IDs in the intercom notification message and the message we send can be different. This happens when the ticket ID and the conversation ID for the same tickets are not the same. The ID shown on the message we send is the ticket ID, visible to the requester. The ID shown on the intercom notification message is the Conversation ID.

Creating and working on Tickets using this approach

  1. Start a ticket directly from Intercom or via email (to the Intercom support group)

  2. Notice how the ticket comes as a notification into Slack in the monitored channel

  3. ClearFeed replies to the notification with ticket sync details

  4. Reply to the Slack thread and observe how the comments get synced back to Intercom and vice-versa.

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