Indexing Knowledge Sources

Index your Knowledge Sources to use GPT-Powered Answers

You can add and index your Knowledge Sources on the ClearFeed web app. The details provided while adding a Knowledge Source help us list and crawl specific pathways on the website to be indexed.

How do we index a Knowledge Source?

During the indexing phase, we curate a list of web pages in your documentation to mine data from. We then crawl these pages to extract and store the information, which is then used for generating answers.

Important: Indexing a Knowledge Source is compulsory for activating GPT-Powered Answers.

Understanding Knowledge Sources

A knowledge source is a centralized hub that stores information related to a designated subject. This structured approach allows users to effortlessly retrieve information, helping them comprehend features and troubleshoot problems. Some widely used platforms for maintaining Knowledge Bases are Google Docs, Wix Answers, Notion, Document360, Zendesk, Confluence, and GitBook.

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Types of Knowledge Sources

  • Public Knowledge Sources: These are platforms accessible to anyone on the internet. They're used for sharing information with a broad audience and can be viewed without any specific permissions.

  • Private Knowledge Sources: Reserved for specific users or groups, these require permissions for access. They are used by organizations to house internal documents and proprietary information.

Supported Knowledge Sources

Here's the list of Knowledge Sources you can currently index on ClearFeed

If you don't see your platform here, reach out to our dedicated support team at or connect with us on Slack or Intercom.

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