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SLA or Service Level Agreements help you set a standard of service and performance that you plan to offer for every team. ClearFeed allows you to customize your SLA policies and business hours per your service delivery model.

Also, with the right SLA configuration, you can track their team's performance using some of the curated metrics in the reporting section.

To access and customize the SLA settings, navigate to the Profile icon in the bottom left corner of the navigation bar → Settings → SLA Settings as shown below:

Business Days

ClearFeed has customizable business days where you can configure your timezone, business days, operational/availability hours for each day, and also the list of holidays. These settings help you set operational days and hours for your organization ensuring that the metric calculations are undertaken only during the defined duration.

SLA Policies

You can set target service levels of the following attributes:

  1. First Response Time - This is a time gap between the time when the requestor raised a request and the time when the responder sends their first response.

  2. Resolution Time - Resolution time refers to the total time required to Solve a request.

  3. One Touch Resolution - This metric allows you to add the total number of responder responses within which the responder can resolve or close the query.


  • SLA settings only apply during business days and hours.

  • Read more about how the metrics are calculated here.

  • The SLA can be configured at minutes or hours granularity.

  • Admins can only add a single SLA policy as of now but it is on our roadmap to include the functionality to add multiple SLA policies.

Pro Tip:

  • If you set up a service level target for the first response at 60 minutes, then you should set up a workflow driving an alert of no response to a request at 45 minutes to the triage channel or a shared slack channel so that the team can be alerted and respond to the same in time.

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