1. What is the billing unit for the β€œIntegrations” product edition on ClearFeed?

The β€œIntegrations” product edition is priced based on the number of tickets created from Slack to your ticketing/engineering tools.

  1. What are the integrations offered by ClearFeed?

ClearFeed offers integrations with the following tools:

Ticketing Systems:

  • Zendesk

  • Freshdesk

  • Intercom

  • JIRA Service Management

  • Hubspot

  • Salesforce Cases

Engineering Systems:

  • JIRA Software

  • Linear

  • (Coming Soon) GitHub

You can read more about each integration in our documentation here. We keep adding integrations and have an active product roadmap on this. If your integration is not listed here, please reach out to us via

  1. What type of billing plans does ClearFeed support?

We support both monthly billing plans as well as annual billing for upfront purchases at a discount (15%). The pricing for the starter and professional plans are shared on the pricing page. For the enterprise package, you should write to or set up a demo on the website here.

  1. My pricing structure is different from the pricing shared on the website. Are there any exceptions to this?

Yes, you may have custom pricing shared with you by the sales team for the Enterprise Package. You can write to us if you need to clarify your pricing at

  1. How do you calculate the number of tickets in a given month?

This is calculated based on the number of new tickets that you create via ClearFeed from Slack to the tools that you plan to integrate with ClearFeed. ClearFeed Integrations subscription includes access to integrations across all tools mentioned in FAQ-1. The usage of ClearFeed integrations is determined by the total number of tickets created on the integrated tools at the end of the billing month.

  1. How does ClearFeed do annual billing?

To avail of the annual discount (e.g., 15%), you must pay for the upfront purchase of ClearFeed Ticket Packages at the beginning of the contract period. You will be charged once for a contract duration of 1 year based on your selected plan.

  1. How are monthly overages calculated for the annual plan?

Any additional usage of tickets in a given month will be charged based on the actuals of additional usage. You will be charged the per unit fee in batches of 50 tickets with the per-ticket cost of your purchased annual plan. For example, if you have purchased an annual professional plan of 500 tickets/month @ 129$/month (Annual Plan at 15% discount). In a given month, if you use 720 tickets, then we will apply additional pricing for 150 tickets (120 is rounded up to 150 - 3 batches of 50) at unit pricing of 129$/500 = 0.258$ / Ticket. This would work out to be 38.7$ (150X0.258$).

  1. How does ClearFeed do billing for monthly subscriptions?

With ClearFeed monthly subscriptions, you need to pre-purchase the capacity to use a certain number of tickets for a given month. As soon as you move out of the free tier, you will need to sign up for the paid plan on your plan (Starter / Professional / Enterprise). For the first month, we will bill you for minimum usage (50 tickets) and that will mark the start of the contract. At the end of the month, overages are charged based on actual usage. For every subsequent month, you will be charged assuming that you will use the same number of tickets as the previous month. There will be overages/adjustments done every month based on actual usage.

  1. What is the minimum monthly billing for the monthly subscription?

There would be a minimum monthly billing for 50 tickets.

  1. How do you determine which usage bundle am I a part of based on the usage?

Usage bundles are designed to offer quantity discounts for you. As the number of tickets increases, the per-unit pricing for tickets goes down with the usage bundles.

Based on your ticket volume, the most appropriate usage bundle will be automatically detected and applied, such that your pricing is the lowest for a given ticket volume.

For example, if your usage is 4000 tickets in the professional tier:

  • We apply the pricing for the usage bundle of 2500 tickets - 289$

  • For an additional 1500 tickets - we apply the same unit price - 173.4$

  • The total pricing works out to be 462.4$

If your usage, on the other hand, is 4500 tickets in the professional tier

  • We will make you eligible for a 5000 tickets user bundle at 489$

  1. How can I see the number of tickets created by my organization?

You can keep track of the number of tickets created for your ClearFeed account through our reporting. Jump to the following page - and apply the filters as shown below:

  • Metric = Number of Requests

  • Date Range = This Month

  • Toggle "Requests with Tickets" to ON.

  1. How do you adjust the billing for monthly subscriptions at the end of each month?

Let’s take an example. If we bill you an amount 129$ at the start of the month considering usage last month was for 500 tickets.

  • At the end of the month, if the actual usage is 250 tickets (priced at 89$), we will provide you a rebate of 40$ (129$-89$).

  • At the end of the month, if the actual usage is 1000 tickets (pried at 189$), we will charge you an overage of 60$ (189$-129$).

  1. What if I want to cancel the plan in the middle of a billing cycle?

This is only possible to do for the monthly subscription plan. If you unsubscribe in the middle of the month, we will adjust your billing at the end of the monthly calendar cycle for that month and make the adjustment based on the actual usage of that month. If there are any applicable rebates, we will reimburse them to your credit card.

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