ClearFeed Release Changelog

ClearFeed Release Note - May 06, 2024

Delete threads from the triage channel

  • You can now Delete the messages that are marked as ‘Not a Request’ from the Triage Channel.

  • The follow-up messages on the deleted thread will not reopen that request in the Triage channel

  • You also have the option to just collapse the thread and re-open it on new messages as today

New interface to efficiently Manage Requests through WebApp

  • Perform actions with ease and Navigate between requests faster with the help of the new requests interface on the Clearfeed web app.

Configure SLA Settings and Business Hours at the Collection level

  • You can add multiple SLA policies and business schedules to align with your specific requirements and configure them at a Collection level.

Virtual Agent availability on the web app

  • Replies from the virtual agent are now visible on the web application for the agents to review and gain better context while reviewing a request

CSAT Reports

  • In the insights section, you can now view and download the average CSAT score provided by requesters.

  • You can breakdown the CSAT score by collection, channel, and assignee to get more detailed reports.

Add Slack Channels as a Knowledge Source

  • Now you can index the Slack channels (public or private) and use the existing knowledge from your Slack to answer new requests and reduce repetitive queries

ClearFeed Release Note - April 01, 2024

Email integration with ClearFeed

  • Support requests from your email can now directly come into Slack via ClearFeed.

  • You can use your existing email for support or create a brand new domain with ClearFeed.

  • Agents can reply directly from Slack and their replies will be synced back to the requester over email.

  • Get in touch with us to enable this for your account. Learn about the pre-requisites here.

Different ways to create tickets - Private Tickets from Slack

  • We now support creating tickets privately by Messaging the ClearFeed Slack app, Slash command, and File a ticket button.

  • Directly message the ClearFeed Slack app to create a ticket.

  • Start a ticket from anywhere in Slack by using the command /File a ticket.

  • On the ClearFeed Slack app, users can now start a ticket with the click of a button.

  • Learn how to enable and use this way of ticketing here.

Internal comments from ClearFeed web app

  • In addition to the standard replies, you can now add internal comments on requests directly from the web app.

  • Private replies made from the web interface will also show up in the triage channel.

  • Learn more about how that works here.

ClearFeed Release Note - February 13, 2024

We are adding two highly requested features that will help our users better use the web application!

Introducing ClearFeed Views!

  • For users with multiple Collections, there is currently no way to look at requests and tickets across all Collections in the web app.

  • With this release - there is now a dedicated section on the ClearFeed Web app that helps you get a consolidated view of all requests/tickets in your account.

  • These are the current set of Views available: All Requests, Your Unsolved Requests, All Unsolved Requests, and Unassigned Requests. Discover more about Views from our documentation.

  • (Coming soon!) - Ability to add Custom Views.

Respond to requests directly from the ClearFeed Web Application

  • You can now reply to requests from the ClearFeed web app. Navigate to any Collection and open up a request to get an expanded view. Type your reply and you're good to go.

  • Replies from the web app are synced back to the request channel, triage channel (if configured), and ClearFeed Slack App (for private requests). Learn more about this from our documentation.

  • (Coming soon!) - Add internal comments from the web app right into the triage channel thread.

ClearFeed Release Note - January 31, 2024

Push internal comments from the Triage channel as Private Notes on Freshdesk

  • You can now move internal comments (created using 🔒 emoji) from the triage channel to Freshdesk as Private Notes.

  • Read more about how to enable this setting in our documentation.

  • This functionality will be available soon for Zendesk!

Updates to terminology while creating tickets from the triage channel

  • Changes in Ticketing terminology: Clicking on More Actions the option in the triage channel now reads "File a (ticketing integration) ticket <->" instead of "Convert to <> (Ticketing Integration) ticket".

  • File tickets from ClearFeed actions: Users can now create bi-directionally synced tickets from request channels by accessing the ClearFeed Actions menu.

  • Note: Requests converted into tickets will still be bidirectionally synced with the integration of your choice.

ClearFeed now supports HubSpot Ticketing

  • To set up HubSpot ticketing for your account and learn more, please go through our documentation.

  • You can create HubSpot tickets from Slack by using emoji-filing, auto-ticketing, or from the triage channel.

  • Comments are synced from Slack to HubSpot. Status updates are synced backward from HubSpot to Slack.

Linear ticket details are not shared on Slack-Connect channels

  • Before: We used to share the link to the Linear ticket and status in a ticket message block once a ticket was created.

  • Now: For tickets created from Slack-Connect channels, details are not shared, as organizations commonly use Linear as an issue/bug tracker.

ClearFeed Release Note - January 18, 2024

You can now create Tickets privately using ClearFeed's Slack App!

  • Until now, ClearFeed tickets could only be created by posting messages on Slack channels.

  • With this release, users can now file a ticket by sending a message on ClearFeed's Slack app.

  • Go through our documentation to know more about this feature.

Updates in Virtual Agent: Introducing Search Results!

  • You can now choose whether the Virtual Agent responds to a request with only search results from your indexed documentation, or both search results and a GPT-generated answer.

  • Go through our documentation to understand this in detail and set things up.

Introducing the View Form button!

  • Users can use the View Form button to see the fields and their values from the Form used during ticket creation.

  • This can be configured from the Screens section on the webapp. Go through our documentation to learn how:

Some other enhancements:

  • You can now set up Linear as a ticketing integration for a Collection. Go through our documentation to learn how.

  • Bi-directional sync for Jira: When Jira is used as a ticketing integration, comments will be synced bi-directionally between Jira and Slack, and status will be backward synced to Slack.

  • If you have configured any field on Zendesk as Required to solve a ticket, ClearFeed makes it mandatory to populate these when solving any Zendesk ticket from Slack.

  • ClearFeed now supports Date type custom fields. Assign Date type custom fields and values to requests, and manage/filter them based using this field. Go to Objects to start creating your own Date type field.

  • Advanced Collection settings: You can personalize how ClearFeed classifies new messages as requests with Advanced settings of a Collection. Our documentation has the list of settings, and how they effect your experience.

ClearFeed Release Note - December 28, 2023

ClearFeed now supports Automatic Ticketing for Jira!

  • You can now configure automatic ticketing for Jira using ClearFeed. Learn more from our documentation.

You can now share your Intercom between multiple ClearFeed accounts!

  • We now supporting sharing the same Intercom integration across multiple ClearFeed accounts. Learn More.

Introducing mapping of Forms and Collections!

  • You can now map your Zendesk/ClearFeed ticketing Forms to Collections, restricting the availability of Forms for creating tickets. Our documentation covers this feature precisely:

Formatting issues for Announcement are now fixed!

  • We have fixed the persistent formatting and indentation issues in announcements. Feel free to draft an announcement with the formatting of your choice. What you compose is what gets sent by ClearFeed!

Some updates for Zendesk Forms users:

  • ClearFeed now supports Number and Date type fields for Zendesk Forms.

  • On filing a Zendesk ticket, the Form's name will be populated as a tag against the ticket on Zendesk.

Some other enhancements:

  • Automated Answers: You can now index your private Zendesk Knowledge Source from the ClearFeed web app. Learn More.

  • Responders can now file ClearFeed tickets on behalf of requesters. Simply send a message on a request channel, and react with a emoji to file a ticket.

ClearFeed Release Note - December 12, 2023

Automated Answers: Introducing ClearFeed's Virtual Agent for request channels

  • You can now deploy a GPT-powered Virtual Agent in request channels by enabling Automated Answers in their Collection.

  • ClearFeed's Virtual Agent can effortlessly resolve customer queries by generating answers from your indexed Knowledge Sources.

  • Dive into our documentation for comprehensive instructions on setup and usage.

You can now set-up multiple Forms for ClearFeed Ticketing!

  • Create multiple Ticketing Forms aligned to your use-cases and streamline ClearFeed ticketing on Slack.

  • Customize Forms with your existing custom fields on ClearFeed. Navigate to Objects to set things up.

  • Our documentation has all the insights you need for setup.

Your existing Forms on Zendesk can now be imported to ClearFeed!

  • Save your time & effort by directly importing your existing Forms with their corresponding fields from Zendesk to ClearFeed.

  • To know more, go through our documentation.

Agents can now acknowledge requests by using Emojis from request and triage channels

  • Agents can now acknowledge customer requests and move their status to In-progress by responding with an emoji.

  • Our documentation covers the precise behavior of this feature.

You can now personalize how ClearFeed appears on Slack

  • You can now customize the appearance of the ClearFeed bot's profile photo and display name.

  • Interested? Reach out to our dedicated support team.

  • Check out our documentation to understand how this works.

Some other enhancements:

  • The request block in a triage channel now displays the request's priority by default.

  • You can now disable the replication of emojis between Triage and Request Channels. If you're interested, please reach out to our dedicated support team.

ClearFeed Release Note - November 27, 2023

Introducing Screens: Customize the appearance of your ticket's message block on request channels

ClearFeed now supports Multiple Zendesk Forms!

  • You can now create multiple Zendesk Ticketing Forms from Objects, allowing you to tailor your forms to various use cases.

  • Dive into our documentation for comprehensive instructions and features.

Introducing Zendesk ticket management from Triage! (Beta)

  • You can now view, edit, and close your Zendesk tickets directly from a Triage channel.

  • Interested? Reach out to our dedicated support team to set this up.

  • To know more, go through our documentation.

ClearFeed can now streamline your support on Microsoft Teams! (Beta)

  • ClearFeed can be added to one or more Teams, and monitor conversations across public channels.

  • Interact with requests, and manage properties like priority, assignee and more from the ClearFeed web app.

  • Set up business hours & SLA policies, manage users permissions and much more!

  • Our documentation has all the details you need for setup

Some other changes and enhancements across ClearFeed!

  • Automated Answers: You can now index your private Freshdesk Knowledge Source from the ClearFeed web app. Learn More.

  • Enhanced Business Hours: You can now set up different business hours for different days of the week. Your OOO messages and SLA policies will continue to work seamlessly based on these timings.

  • Filter across multiple accounts from Slack app: ClearFeed's Slack app now supports filtering for users sharing a common Slack workspace across multiple ClearFeed accounts.

ClearFeed Release Note - November 8, 2023

You can now enable GPT-Powered Answers in your Triage channel from the web app... (and some more good news)

Enable Automated Answers in your triage settings to leverage our GPT-Powered agent assistant. • Now live: Support for indexing your private Confluence Knowledge Sources, directly from the web app. • Evaluate the performance of the GPT-powered responses with our latest Test tab on the webapp. See the magic for yourself! • For detailed guidance on these features, our documentation is your go-to resource.

Introducing Ticketing Forms for Zendesk

• Streamline Zendesk ticket creation and editing on Slack through our Zendesk Form. • Customize your Form with your existing fields on Zendesk. Navigate to Objects and set things up. • Our documentation has all the insights you need for setup. • Coming Soon: Support for multiple forms!

You can now create multiple ClearFeed accounts from the web app

• The new accounts can share either the original ClearFeed account’s Slack workspace, or its integrations (only Zendesk for now). • Dive into our documentation for comprehensive instructions and features.

Introducing Closed: Terminal state for ClearFeed Requests

• Once a request is Solved, mark it as Closed to indicate that no further action is required. A Closed request cannot be reopened. • Close requests conveniently from the web app, ClearFeed Slack app, or the triage channel.

ClearFeed now supports Text-type custom fields

• To create yours, head over to Objects, open Fields, and start by creating a Text type field.

ClearFeed Release Note - October 11, 2023

ClearFeed now supports Intercom as a Ticketing Integration!

• To set up Intercom ticketing on your ClearFeed account (and to know more), please go through our documentation. • You can create Intercom tickets from Slack by using emoji-filing, auto-ticketing, or the Convert action (from triage only). • Note: Comments are synced bi-directionally between ClearFeed and Intercom. Status updates are synced backward to ClearFeed from Intercom.

You can now send announcements as ClearFeed!

• To do so, choose Send as ClearFeed when setting up an announcement on the web app. • Sending an announcement on Slack as ClearFeed will include all attachments within the same message, rather than sending them separately as a thread. • Note: You will be unable to customize the ClearFeed bot's name or picture visible on Slack.

Some other changes and enhancements across ClearFeed!

• You can now login to ClearFeed using a Login Link. Simply enter your ClearFeed user's email during sign-in to receive a Login Link in your inbox, which will redirect to your account • Made updates to your Knowledge Sources? You can now re-index them on ClearFeed to ensure your Automated Answers are generated using the latest content!

ClearFeed Release Note - September 27, 2023

Introducing Pending: A new state to track requests pending on the customer!

  • Agents can now mark a ClearFeed request or ticket as Pending on some data/action from the customer.

  • A non-responder's comment on the request thread will change its state from Pending to Open.

  • A responder can only manually change a request's status from Pending by using the Edit action.

You can now select a new user's role while inviting them to ClearFeed!

  • While inviting a new user to ClearFeed, simply choose the desired role between Admin or User in the Invite Users modal.

Some other changes and enhancements across ClearFeed!

  • You can now seamlessly switch between your ClearFeed accounts without logging out. Click on your Profile icon on the nav bar, and use the account selector to switch between your accounts.

  • Requests can now be filtered basis the ticketing system where it was filed as a ticket. In your collection dashboard, choose Add Filter, select Filed to, and select your desired ticketing system(s).

ClearFeed Release Note - September 14, 2023

Automated Answers: You can now add & index your public Knowledge Sources from the web app!

• To add & index your public documentation (Gitbook, Docusaurus, etc.), go to Knowledge Sources from the nav bar, and follow these steps. • Once your Knowledge Source is added & indexed, contact us to add it to your triage for generating Automated Answers. • Coming Soon: Support for adding private Knowledge Sources from the web app! Meanwhile, contact us if you want to add your private documentation.

Jira issues can now be filed using emojis!

• ClearFeed now supports filing Jira issues via emojis - just like tickets. You can also use the Convert action for this. • To configure this for a collection, select Jira from the Ticketing Integration dropdown in Settings, and choose your desired emoji. Check out our documentation to learn more. • Status updates made on any filed issues on Jira will be backward-synced to the request thread via ClearFeed.

Now Accessible: API endpoints to move/remove a channel from its collection!

• You can now programmatically remove a channel from its collection, and move a channel from one collection to another. • Dive into our API documentation to get started:

Some other changes and enhancements across ClearFeed

• Edit Forms for ClearFeed and Zendesk have now moved from Integrations to Objects. • You can now create a Triage directly from Slack. Add ClearFeed to a channel using /invite @ClearFeed, and choose between creating a triage or a request channel. • ClearFeed requests can now be linked to existing GitHub issues: Choose Link a Github issue for a request via ClearFeed Actions, and follow these steps.

Minor correction in the previous release note (dated August 31)

• While creating any new collection, the Enter email domain field to set responders will be auto-populated from your existing responder's emails your list of whitelisted domains, saving your precious time.

ClearFeed Release Note - August 31, 2023

Now Live: Emoji Synchronization Between Your Request Channels and Triage!

  • Never miss out on your customer's emojis: Emoji responses from non-responders on direct messages/replies within a request channel will now instantly sync back to your triage

  • Your customers can see your emojis too: Emoji responses from responders on direct messages or replies from within a triage will now sync back to the relevant request channel

  • These emojis will be displayed as reactions by ClearFeed in the secondary channel. The original responder's name will not be visible.

  • Action-linked emojis configured on ClearFeed (for Assign, Solved, and Ticket) will not sync via either route, and hence, remain in their original channels

Introducing ClearFeed Objects: Customizable forms, fields, and more!

  • With Objects, ClearFeed provides you the flexibility to create custom structure, personalized to your use-case. Work the way you want!

  • With the first version, you can now create, modify and delete custom fields for your requests, directly from the web app!

A minor enhancement to save your time

  • While creating any new collection, the Enter email domain field to set responders will be auto-populated from your existing responder's emails, saving your precious time

ClearFeed Release Note || August 23rd, 2023

ClearFeed's API endpoints are now accessible!

  • We have released GET APIs for both requests and collections, an UPDATE API for requests, and an API for adding channels to collections

  • Build custom applications on top of our key data and programmatically update key modules on ClearFeed

  • Dive into our API documentation to get started:

Automatic ticketing works along with triage!

  • Auto-ticketing to external ticketing systems (Zendesk, Freshdesk and more) can now work along with triage channels

  • Enable it by choosing Automatic as the Trigger Mode from the Ticketing section in collection settings

Some other improvements in collections!

  • CSAT surveys can now be enabled using the web-app from the Customer Satisfaction survey section in collection settings

  • Choose your request management use-case as External, Internal or Custom from the Monitoring section in collection settings

  • The demo collection created during onboarding, along with its demo triage and channels, can now be deleted using the web-app

  • New workflows are now assigned a default name in the following format: Priority_Timer_RequestType. This can later be edited by the user

ClearFeed Release Note (17th August) - Linear Integration and Other Improvements

To help teams manage and track issues on Linear from Slack, ClearFeed now offers integration with Linear! With this release:

• File Linear issues from Slack messages easily, either via the request channel or the triage channel. • Select messages, choose assignee, set labels, and add priority while filing a Linear Issue. • Close the loop and update customers about their requests via status updates on the thread. • Set up Bi-directional sync of comments from Slack & Linear.

To learn details on how to file issues and set up Linear integration, please check the short video attached and read our docs here. Other improvements:

• You can now edit, update and view custom fields on the Triage channel. Use the Edit button on triage to modify custom field values. • If you use ClearFeed Slack App to filter and manage requests, we now have a view in triage link against each request. • Bug fixes

ClearFeed Release Note (8th August) - CSAT Survey and Other Improvements

Customer-centric teams on Slack need to know one thing - Did resolving that request make the customer satisfied?We heard you and now, ClearFeed supports Slack-native CSAT surveys! With our current release:

• Automatically send a 5-point CSAT survey on the request channel when a request or ticket is marked as Solved • Any non-responder on the request channel then has the ability to respond to the CSAT survey message • This score will be visible in the Collections dashboard against each request or ticket and will also be available to be downloaded via requests CSV. • CSAT survey can be set up for any converted ticket (Zendesk, Freshdesk, JSM, Salesforce, or ClearFeed ticketing)

Please contact us to enable CSAT surveys for either all requests or only requests converted into tickets (Bi-directionally Synced). Support for manual triggers for the CSAT survey and further updates will be coming soon! Check out the short video below to see how CSAT can be used & read more details here.

Other Improvements and changes with this release:

• The collections dashboard now shows the number of requests that match the applied filters • You can now filter out requests with associated Jira or Github issues with Request Type -> With Issues filter. • Triage channel messages with a ticket now show the name of the ticket in the footer

ClearFeed Release Note - 27th July

Manage and categorize requests by adding more information specific to your team, with ClearFeed Custom Fields! With Custom Fields:

• Create fields with custom names, type, and selectable options • Add & remove options on all requests via our web-app • Filter across all requests by custom fields and their options • We currently support field types of Single-Select and Multi-select, with more on the way • Custom fields are currently only supported on our web app.

Using custom fields, you will also be able to categorize requests by creating fields such as Labels with your own custom values. Please contact us to enable this and add fields. Read more details here.We now have Triage Modes in Triage settings! If your team would only prefer to use Triage channels to view and manage requests with converted tickets, this is now possible in ClearFeed, via Triage Modes. Read more.Other Improvements & Changes:

• You can now view requests based on Created-on timestamps on the collections dashboard. • You can also view requests across a custom date range by selecting Absolute from the Select Duration option. • We have now increased the visibility of the account settings for easier navigation by placing it directly on the left navigation bar. • Tickets & Issues details will be visible in the thread view on the request detail page on the web app, via :ticket: emoji.

ClearFeed Release Note (5th July)- Revamped Dashboard filters & Triage Settings

We have now revamped our filters on the Dashboard! We heard you - ClearFeed will soon be supporting more filters. To make it easier to manage all the filters while keeping your experience as smooth as possible, we have now redesigned our web dashboard filters.

• By default, only two filters will be present - You can apply filters by clicking on Add filters and remove them just as easily. • Any applied filters will be saved and retained across all collection views.

All Triage settings can now be managed from a single place - There is no more need to head to each collection setting just to update triage settings. View and manage all triage channel settings together. Through this release:

• Triage setting is now present as a tab in account settings, allowing you to see all active triage channels and edit any triage-related settings. • Use the Edit button to configure settings for each triage channel. • To add, update or remove the triage channel for a collection, head to Triage Channel Configurations section in the collection settings. • You can read more details about Triage settings in our documentation.

ClearFeed Release Note (21st June) - Priority Detection

We’re excited to release a new ClearFeed request priority detection system! With this release:

• All requests by default will be considered Normal priority. • If a non-responder/customer includes any of the default keywords mentioned in our documentation in a request or a threaded response message, only then will the priority of the request be automatically moved to High • The keywords have to be used in a positive usage for ClearFeed to automatically move the priority to High. • Urgent and Low priorities can only be manually set, either via the Triage channel or the Web app. • We currently only support a few selected keywords by default, please contact us to include additional keywords. • Please refer to our documentation to view the default keywords and learn more about how request priority is detected automatically.

ClearFeed Release Note - 15th June

Hey everyone, with our latest release:

• ClearFeed Tickets now support showing the assignee on the Slack ticket. Please contact us to enable this. • The ClearFeed Ticket assignee field can now be enabled to be editable on the Slack Ticket via Edit Actions on account settings. • ClearFeed Jira integration now supports backward sync of both comments and status from Jira. Select the Post JIRA issue link and comments option while filing Jira issues to enable this. • Users can be directly removed from ClearFeed web app access via the Manage users section in account settings. • Any additional domains can now be whitelisted from account settings. • Requests can now be marked as Not a request from the web app. This is accessible under More Actions when a request message is clicked on the dashboard. • You can also easily view a request on the web app from the Triage channel via more actions button. • Priority and the link to the request Slack message are now available while downloading request data via CSV from Collection settings.

ClearFeed Release Note (31st May) - Auto-Response

Announcing the release of automatic responses to requests on ClearFeed! With this release:

• An automatic response message can now be sent for a request via ClearFeed Workflows • Configure an Out-Of-Office message on any requests created outside business schedule timings • Customize the message you will send or use a default text • Select a timer value, to choose when the automated response message will get sent


• Selecting request-type of follow-up while setting up automatic response will send a response message on any customer message. • The auto-response message will be automatically deleted on first-response

Please read more details about auto-response and how to set it up here. You can also check out the short video attached, to see how to quickly setup an auto-response.Other Updates:

• Please note that from this release, any Announcements sent via ClearFeed will include a ClearFeed logo and Powered by footer • Other improvements and bug fixes

ClearFeed Release Note (22nd May) - ClearFeed Ticketing

We’re excited to launch ClearFeed Ticketing! Through ClearFeed Ticketing, we now provide Slack-native ticketing capabilities. With our current release, ClearFeed ticketing allows you to:

• Create ClearFeed tickets and use it to provide a public Ticket ID to your customers • Let your customers easily create tickets by using :ticket: emoji and provide the ability to choose ticket priority themselves • Provide more information to your customers about their requests by using the ClearFeed Ticket Priority and Status fields • View only ClearFeed tickets on the collections dashboard and the reports page with the Requests with Tickets filter • Customize and choose who can edit the Priority ticket field via Edit Actions on the integrations tab • Enable automatic ticketing to convert all requests immediately to ClearFeed tickets

Learn more about when you should create a ticket on Slack hereOther Updates:

• You can now individually enable or disable Solved or Assign action emojis. • Each individual emoji action now also has additional settings through which you can choose whether the respective action, via any other method, applies the emoji on the request message. • You can now choose the default visibility of responses via the Triage channel. This means we now allow settings to make any comment without an :lock: emoji to be an internal comment by default. In this Private mode, you will need to use an :loudspeaker: emoji to make a response reflect in the request channel. Please contact us to enable this for your account.

Do let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

ClearFeed Release Note - 15th May

• ClearFeed now supports login using Microsoft! For existing users, please continue using the same method to log in as before. • Please note we currently only support organizational Microsoft accounts. Read more details here. • On the Web app, a reconnect banner will now be displayed in case of any missing permissions. If you've seen this, please reconnect Slack to access all our features. • Bug fixes

ClearFeed Release Note (3rd May) - Request Priorities

Additional request priorities for ClearFeed requests! With this release:

• Request priority now supports two additional priorities of Urgent & Low • Request priorities can now be changed from the Triage channel using the Edit button. • All priorities, including Urgent and Low can be used to set up workflows. • To learn more, read details about request priorities here.

What’s changing?

• All requests created prior to this release will be set to Normal priority. • Any high-priority & follow-up workflows set up for requests created before this release will not be triggered, as all previous requests will be in Normal priority.

Other improvements and changes:

• Any status updates in GitHub and Jira issues created via ClearFeed will now send a status update message on the Triage request thread • Any commitment message from a responder will move the request to In-progress & not Pending-on-youPending-on-you status will not be visible on the request in the triage channel. • Fixed an issue where Not a request option was not visible when the request was moved to Open state. • Other bug fixes

ClearFeed Release Note (24th April - Ticket Action Forms

We’re excited to announce that with our latest release, we’ve enabled ticket forms fields that can be customized on the Edit ticket action for Zendesk ticketing (Other integrations coming soon!)

  • While using Zendesk ticketing, you now have the ability to enable form fields for Title & Priority while using the Edit ticket action on the ticket

  • Each of the form fields can individually be enabled or disabled and can be customized to be editable by all (including end-customers) or by only responders

  • You can read more about edit action forms and how to set it up for Zendesk here.

Other Improvements:

  • ClearFeed request data such as ID, request title, request assignee, and more can now be downloaded as a CSV file from additional settings on individual collection settings

  • Requests shown on slash commands when used in a triage channel, can now be filtered by each individual channel

  • Bug fixes

ClearFeed Release Note - 18th April

We're thrilled to announce the latest updates to ClearFeed! With this release:

  • When creating a new collection, the default option now automatically creates a new triage channel in your workspace, improving the ease of setting up a triage channel. This default can be changed when setting up a new collection.

  • Whenever a ticket is moved from the Solved state to the Open state, whether by a requester message or by an agent from the ticketing system, ClearFeed will send a status update message in the ticket Slack thread.

  • We have now enabled filing a Freshdesk ticket via “ClearFeed Actions” through Slack shortcuts or via the "More Actions" button on Triage.

  • Team members can now disable tags to not be notified when tagged from the request channel, removing double notifications when working solely from the request channel. Read more.

ClearFeed Release Note - 10th April 2023

  • ClearFeed requests can now be marked as "Not a request" even when a responder has been assigned, via the Triage channel. Please read more about the different requests states and when requests can be marked as "Not a request" here.

  • An alert message will now be sent to the channel owners when the ClearFeed bot is removed from a Triage channel.

  • Bug fixes to ensure smoother experience.

ClearFeed Release Note - 4th April 2023

We're constantly working behind the scenes to make your experience with ClearFeed better. With our latest release:

  • Requests can now be converted to Zendesk tickets directly from Triage via the More Actions button. Read more about Triage More Actions usage here.

  • Filter converted or linked tickets on the Reports dashboard with the Request with Tickets filter

  • Filter converted or linked tickets on the Collection dashboard with the Request with Tickets filter

  • The web-app link from Slash commands now retains the slash command filter for viewing all requests

  • Fixed small bugs

ClearFeed Release Note (28th March) - Slash Commands and Triage Improvements

We are thrilled to announce the release of ClearFeed Slash Commands! Slash Commands enable agents to quickly filter and find details of requests & tickets.

  • ClearFeed Slash commands can be used by typing /cf in a Slack channel.

  • The commands can be run either in customer channels or triage channels. Customer channels need to be monitored by ClearFeed for the commands to be run.

  • If slash commands are run in a customer channel, then only requests that are present in that customer channel will be shown.

  • If slash commands are run in a triage channel, all requests in the channels for which the triage channel is set up will be shown.

  • Use /cf requests to open an interactive input (this will be only visible to you) which will allow agents to select ‘Request Status’, ‘Assignee’, and ‘Duration’. Selecting this will display a list of requests that meet the query parameters, which will be visible only to you.

  • /cf requests also have additional arguments which allow you to customize the request list command, such as assignee, status , and duration

  • Use /cf help for details on additional customization via arguments.

  • Only the 10 most recent requests will be visible for a query. If you want to view more, please view it on the ClearFeed Web app. Currently, the filters applied are not retained on the web app.

Note: To get started with using Slash commands, watch a short video here.

Triage Improvements - We’re constantly working to make the Triage experience better.

  • Converted & Linked Tickets show up on the Triage message.

  • Now, requests which have been converted to tickets can be easily identified on the Triage channel via an :ticket: emoji

  • If a request has been converted to a ticket or has a linked/filed ticket associated with the request, the integration icon and ticket IDs will be displayed on the Triage message.

  • Collapsing Triage

  • Triage messages when solved will immediately be minimized. The triage message can be expanded and collapsed again using the expand and collapse buttons respectively.

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