💡Intro to ClearFeed

Conversation Helpdesk on Slack and MS Teams

ClearFeed is a conversational support platform, purpose-built for teams that support their customers and employees on Slack. ClearFeed can be used to support both internal teams within an organization on Slack, as well as external customers via Slack Connect channels.

ClearFeed is available as a Slack application that also provides a powerful Web interface and integrates with other Enterprise Tools in a company. ClearFeed also supports an Email integration and a plug-in for Microsoft Teams.

ClearFeed can be used both as a standalone Helpdesk, as well as an integration between Slack and existing Ticketing systems.

How does ClearFeed work?

  • You can start by installing ClearFeed to your Slack workspace (Read more on Security)

  • You can add ClearFeed to Slack channels on which customers/employees are making requests

  • ClearFeed application converts messages from request channels into a shared queue of requests

  • Employees can also raise requests privately from the ClearFeed Slack application

  • You can also use our Email integration to allow customers/employees to email and create tickets

  • You can work a shared queue of requests from a Triage Channel on Slack or from the ClearFeed Web Application. You can respond to the requests, manage the status, priority, and ownership of each request, and collaborate internally with private comments.

  • You can also integrate ClearFeed to Enterprise tools like Atlassian (JIRA or JSM), Zendesk, Freshdesk, SalesForce, Github, Linear, ClickUp, and Hubspot. Doing so allows users to easily convert and bi-directionally synchronize Slack threads to Tickets and Issues in external systems.

  • You can configure SLA Alerts using workflows for escalating requests pending response to different Slack channels and external tools like PagerDuty and OpsGenie (using webhooks)

  • You can configure Virtual Agent to answer questions on Slack. You can index your knowledge sources and use our GPT-4 powered RAG engine to deliver high-quality answers

  • You can monitor team workload and granular support metrics using ClearFeed Insights

ClearFeed Web Application

ClearFeed also offers a powerful Web application that can be used to:

Product Editions

  1. ClearFeed External Helpdesk - Support external customers via Slack-connect channels or Slack communities using ClearFeed's Helpdesk.

  2. Integration between Slack Connect channels and External Ticketing Systems like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, and SalesForce Service Cloud.

  3. ClearFeed Internal Ticketing System - Support employees on internal Slack channels using ClearFeed Ticketing System. Used by IT, HR, Engineering Escalations, Sales Ops teams.

  4. Integration between Internal Slack Channels and Internal Ticketing System like Zendesk, JIRA and Linear.

Use Cases

  • Customer Support on Slack Connect Channels and Slack Community

  • Internal Product Support on Slack

  • Engineering Escalation Desks on Slack

  • IT Helpdesks on Slack

  • HR Helpdesk on Slack

  • Sales Ops and Enablement Helpdesks on Slack

Don't see your use case? Feel free to get in touch with us at support@clearfeed.ai or book a demo with us.

ClearFeed APIs

Using ClearFeed's APIs and Event stream you can retrieve request data by different dimensions and then build your own reporting and real-time applications on top of our system. (Developer Settings here)

Pro Tips:

  • Read about the ClearFeed terminologies in the glossary

  • Read about a few case studies here to understand how other customers are using ClearFeed

  • Read about Security here. We are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. In case you have any questions related to security, please email security@clearfeed.ai

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