External Helpdesk

  1. What is the billing unit for External Helpdesks?

The pricing for the External Helpdesk product is based on the total number of Slack Connect channels to which you add ClearFeed.

  1. Does pricing depend on the number of members of the triage channel?

No, you can add any number of members to the triage channel on ClearFeed. You only need to pay for the number of Slack connect channels to which ClearFeed is added.

  1. Does pricing depend on the number of members who have access to the web application?

No, you can add any number of members to the ClearFeed web application.

  1. Will I be billed based on the number of requests/tickets?

No, you will not be billed based on the number of tickets for the External Helpdesk product. There are no restrictions on the number of tickets.

  1. How do you calculate the total number of Slack Connect channels for a given month?

For a given month, we determine this by looking at the maximum number of Slack Channels to which ClearFeed is added on any given date in the month.

  1. What type of billing plans does ClearFeed support?

We support both monthly billing plans as well as annual billing for upfront purchases at a discount (15%). The pricing for the professional plan is shared on the website. For the enterprise package, you should write to sales@clearfeed.ai or set up a demo on the website.

Additionally, if you are a small business, we offer you a 40% discount.

  1. What is a small business?

Our small business discount is available for small businesses and startups. To be eligible for a small business discount, companies need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Less than 20 employees

  • Raised less than $5 million in venture funding

If you are not sure whether you qualify for a small business discount - please reach out to us at sales@clearfeed.ai

  1. What are channel bundles or clearfeed units and how do they determine pricing?

Our pricing works in bundles of 10 Slack channels. This bundle of 10 Slach Channels is called 1 ClearFeed Unit. The usage of ClearFeed units is determined by the highest number of monitored Slack channels during any given point in the billing month.

For example, if the Customer starts with 40 monitored channels, increases to 57 channels in the middle of the month, and ends with 50 monitored channels, the company will be charged for 6 ClearFeed units or 57 Slack channels.

  1. How does ClearFeed do annual billing?

To avail of the annual discount (e.g., 15%), you must pay for the upfront purchase of a certain number of ClearFeed Units or a channel bundle. You will be charged once for a contract duration of 1 year based on your selected plan.

  1. How are monthly overages calculated for the annual plan?

If you have signed up for the annual package, then we will bill you for the excess usage at the end of the month. For example, if you have purchased 3 ClearFeed Units (30 Slack channels) in the annual package, but use 35 Slack channels in a given month, an overage fee for 1 additional ClearFeed unit will be charged at the end of that month. The charges for the overage fee will not have any applicable discount applied to the annual plan.

  1. How does ClearFeed charge for a monthly plan?

If you have signed up for monthly payments only, then you'll need to pay for the projected usage for the next month upfront. You will be billed for a month assuming that your usage will remain the same as the previous month. If the actual usage exceeds or falls short of the projected usage, the charges will be adjusted in the next billing cycle based on the difference in usage.

Let's say the usage during the billing cycle from 21st Feb to 20th Mar is 70 channels. At the start of the next billing period from 21st Mar to 20th Apr, you will be charged an overage fee based on the 70 channels used. If the actual usage between 21st Mar and 20th Apr is only 50 channels, the overage fee for the 20 channels will be refunded and adjusted in the bill for the next billing cycle beginning from 21st Apr. Conversely, if the actual usage is 100 channels, the overage fee for an additional 30 channels will be charged in the bill for the next billing cycle.

  1. Will there be adjustments provided if the total usage is less than the lowest slab?

The minimal service fee applicable will be based on the lowest slab (typically 20 channels) or your annual capacity purchased. If you use less than that, there will be no adjustments provided in the next month based on the same. The adjustments only apply for the usage of more than the minimal slab defined in the service order form.

  1. How is a billing month considered?

If you start on the paid plan of ClearFeed on 31st March, then the first billing month is considered from 1st April to 30th April. Subsequent billing months are considered in increments of calendar months.

  1. What if I want to cancel the plan in the middle of a billing cycle?

This is only possible to do for the monthly subscription plan. If you unsubscribe in the middle of the month, we will adjust your billing at the end of the monthly calendar cycle for that month and make the adjustment based on the actual usage of that month. If there are any applicable rebates, we will reimburse them to your credit card.

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