Data Retention and Notification settings

Configure Data Retention and weekly digest notification settings

Data Retention Policy and Settings

When ClearFeed monitors Slack channels - it stores raw message data for a configurable retention period of 60 days by default.

(Note: ClearFeed does not store attachments).

  • On the expiration of the retention period - raw message data is deleted.

  • Only metadata is retained (like time of arrival of a message, author, any linked tickets/issues, etc).

  • Statistics derived from messages (like response times) are also retained indefinitely.

The data retention period can be changed from the Additional Settings tab under the Settings section. The period can have a minimum value of 7 days and a maximum value of 365.

If you plan to retain the raw data on ClearFeed for more than 365 days, please email us at

Notification Settings

Under the same Additional Settings section, you can also configure Notification preferences for your account. Currently, ClearFeed sends a weekly digest to the users. You can toggle the setting to get this digest from the section shown below:

Weekly Digest

ClearFeed emails a weekly digest to the admins/users of the ClearFeed app every Monday. This digest contains information about the requests in the last week. The information is available as shown below:

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