Send Notifications to Slack with Workflows

Discover how to send updates on requests from MS Teams to Slack using ClearFeed workflows

With ClearFeed's webhook workflows, you can send notifications about the requests you get on MS Teams to external applications. E.g. you can configure a setup where for every new request or update on MS Teams, you get a Slack notification.


  • You would need to have a Slack workspace on a plan that supports creating Slack workflows

  • You should've set up a Collection and monitor at least one channel. Learn how to do that here.

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to the ClearFeed web application and navigate to the Collection

  2. Under Collections, go to the Workflows tab. Click on New Workflow.

  3. Under conditions, set Priority = All, Request Types = All.

  4. Set the timer to a custom value of 0 minutes.

  5. You will be redirected to the Define an action page where you will have an example webhook payload. Stay on the same page for now as you will need to configure your Slack workflow to get the URL needed to be entered here.

  6. Navigate to your Slack workspace and click on the More section (on the left nav-bar)

  7. Click on Automations -> Create a workflow

  8. Select From a webhook option.

  9. In the pop-up box, define the different variables from the response you want to use. These are to be configured from the webhook payload. You can use the example given below:

  1. Once the variables are defined - click on Save. You will be shown the workflow page where you can select the next action item.

  2. From the right nav bar, choose Messages->Send a message to a channel->Select the channel where you want the notification to be sent.

  3. Under the message section, configure a message body using the variables defined. E.g.

Details from ClearFeed Request on Teams
Title: request_title
Teams Channel Name: request_channel_name
Priority: request_priority
  1. Click Save and open up the first stage of the workflow (Starts with a webhook). You will find a web request URL at the bottom. Copy the URL.

  2. Head back to the ClearFeed web app window and under the URL box, enter the URL you copied in the last step.

  3. Save the ClearFeed workflow.

  4. Publish the Slack workflow as well.

Once this is done - any new requests or updates from MS Teams will trigger a notification on the Slack channel of your choice.

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