Guidelines to add and index your private Freshdesk Knowledge Sources

Integrating with Freshdesk

To index your Knowledge Source, you must integrate your Freshdesk account with ClearFeed. Detailed steps for this integration can be found here: Integrate Freshdesk with ClearFeed

Note: You will be unable to index your Knowledge Source if you are on Freshdesk's Free plan. This is because making API calls to Freshdesk is unsupported in this plan.

Indexing a Freshdesk Knowledge Source

With the integration complete, you can now index your Knowledge Source:

  1. Initiating the Process:

    • Launch the ClearFeed web app and head to Knowledge Sources from the nav-bar.

    • Hover over the Add Knowledge Source dropdown located at the top right corner and choose Freshdesk.

  2. Input Drawer Configuration: A side drawer will appear, prompting you to provide specific details:

    • Name: Designate a title for this Knowledge Source, which will be displayed on ClearFeed.

    • Tags: These are identifiers linked with every Knowledge Source, aiding in categorization and structuring. Customize tags based on your needs. Note: freshdesk will be a default tag.

  3. Finalizing and Indexing:

    • After entering the above details, click on the Add button to save your addition.

    • The Knowledge Source will either start indexing immediately (reflected by an Indexing status) or will in queue to be picked soon (reflected with an Initiated status).

    • Once successfully indexed, the Knowledge Source will be visibly marked with an Indexed status.

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