📑Request Management

Learn about how to create and manage requests and tickets from Slack

What are Requests?

Requests on ClearFeed are queries from customers or internal users about a single topic that should be brought to closure.

  • Put simply, every new thread on Slack channels from a requester is a new request on ClearFeed.

  • Any new message that is part of the same thread is treated as a part of the same request.

In certain circumstances, we may group messages from new threads with previous requests. Expand this section to learn more.
  • Messages by a user in rapid succession (Most common): We use a really small threshold (5 min) to club multiple messages by the same user into the same request

  • A message is a continuation of a previous one (e.g.: "absolutely!") that is merged into the previous request.

  • A message that refers to a previous one (e.g.: "see above ^^") is merged into the previous request.

  • A message is a reply to a previous one (e.g.: acknowledgments ("thanks!"), closures ("it's working now"), and answers ("Yes I have made that change") are merged into the previous request.

  • Messages by different users in rapid succession where they have tagged each other (e.g.: U0: "Hi @u1"; U1: "Hi there!") are considered part of the same request

This section will outline how you can view, filter, respond to, assign, and resolve requests on ClearFeed. We'll cover the same in the following parts:

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