Installing ClearFeed on Teams

Learn how to install ClearFeed on Teams and start monitoring conversations

Once you have successfully authorized and integrated ClearFeed with MS Teams, the next step is to install the ClearFeed app on your Teams account, and add it to one or more teams.

Uploading and Installing ClearFeed

  • Once the authorization is complete, you will be redirected to the ClearFeed web application.

  • Download the ClearFeed app package from the modal that appears

  • Once the download is complete, login to MS Teams.

  • Go to Apps -> Manage your apps -> Upload an app

  • Select Upload app to organization's app catalog, and upload the ClearFeed app package

  • Once the upload is complete, you will be redirected to your app catalog. There, you will find that the ClearFeed app has been installed.

  • If you were not redirected, go to Apps -> Built for your organization. You will find the ClearFeed app here.

  • From the ClearFeed app' card, click on Add. Select the teams where you want to add ClearFeed.

You are all set to monitor conversations from all public channels within the teams where ClearFeed was added.

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