Create tickets from Slack

How to turn requests into tickets?

Users can create tickets by directly sending messages on the Slack channel or using the ClearFeed Slack app.

Creating Tickets on a Slack channel

Using Emoji Ticketing
  • A conversation is initiated on the request channel.

  • React to the first message on the thread using the 🎟ī¸ emoji.

  • A ClearFeed ticket is created for the thread. The requester gets a ticket message on the Slack thread indicating ticket details.

Using Automatic Ticketing
  • Every new conversation (Slack thread) that is initiated on the request channel gets converted into a ClearFeed ticket automatically.

  • As soon as the ticket conversation occurs, ClearFeed posts a message on the Slack thread sharing the ticket details.

Creating Tickets from the ClearFeed Slack App

  • Open the ClearFeed app on Slack

  • Under the Messages tab, users can type their message which gets converted into a ticket.

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