Ticketing Forms for ClearFeed

Streamline ticket creation and editing on ClearFeed using Ticketing Forms

ClearFeed elevates ticket management through Forms that streamline the creation and editing of tickets, directly from your request and triage channels.

Empower users and agents to capture crucial information. This guide maximizes your understanding of the implementation of ClearFeed's Ticketing Forms.

The steps for configuring and using ClearFeed Forms are covered in the below sections:

Advantages of using ClearFeed Forms:

  1. Effortless Slack Integration: ClearFeed forms seamlessly integrate with Slack, allowing users to manage various processes, such as data collection, creation, and editing of tickets, directly within Slack.

  2. Versatile Form Creation: Users can generate one or more customized forms tailored to specific use cases. This flexibility ensures that teams can employ forms that are perfectly aligned with their needs, promoting efficiency in ticket creation and editing processes.

  3. Structured Interface: ClearFeed forms provide a structured and easy-to-use interface for requesters to submit information. This minimizes the risk of errors and ensures accurate data capture from the start.

  4. Integrates with ClearFeed's Custom Fields: ClearFeed forms offer the ability to customize ticketing forms by integrating both standard and custom fields. This allows users to tailor the ticketing process to their specific requirements and specify the exact information that they need to collect (read more on custom fields here).

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