Filing JIRA Issues against requests

Filing to External Systems is only possible through ClearFeed actions or Triage More Actions.

Filing Jira issue through ClearFeed Actions

  • Hover over the message that you want to turn to a Jira Issue.

  • Select ClearFeed actions by clicking the More actions icon.

  • Select File a JIRA Issue & click next.

  • You will be prompted to choose which messages you want to send to the Jira Issue.

  • ClearFeed will summarizes the conversation on the thread and generate a title for the request and add all messages in the thread (the original message, its replies, and any attachments in these messages) to the ticket description.

  • Click on the File Issue button to create a Jira Issue.

  • Choose the below option based on your preferred workflow

  • Select Post Only JIRA issue link option if you want to file a JIRA issue and post the link on the request channel. Also, note that only a status update when the issue is closed will be sent via a message on the channel.

  • Select Post JIRA issue link and sync comments option if you, want the link, comments and status update on the issue being closed to be sent on the channel.

  • Once the Issue is filed, ClearFeed will respond in the corresponding thread with information about the ticket.

  • Messages posted on the Slack thread will get posted on the JIRA.

  • ClearFeed will send a notification message to the Slack thread on ticket closure.

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