Custom Fields

This section will cover details of using ClearFeed Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow users to create additional fields alongside standard fields such as Status, Priority, and Assignee. These fields can be used to capture custom properties against requests/tickets.

  • Custom Fields can be used to tag requests with custom values.

  • They can be used to create Forms that can be exposed to requestors to capture information before creating a ticket.

Create a custom field

  1. Choose Objects from the side panel, or go to

  2. Select Fields from the horizontal navigation bar

  3. Click on the Create New Field button to start creating a new Custom Field

  4. Enter a Name for your field and select the field Type.

    • Currently, we support Single Select, Multi Select, Text, Date & Number type fields.

    • If Single Select or Multi Select is chosen, add the available Options for this field.

    • Note:

      • You cannot name the new field as Priority, Status, Author, Assignee, and ID since these names are already in use by ClearFeed.

      • Text type custom fields are limited to 255 characters by default. For longer fields, contact us via Slack or email at

  5. Finally, click on the Save button.

Using Custom Fields

Once fields are defined and set up, then against any request on ClearFeed you will be able to choose and add field values on the Collections dashboard via our Web app.

  • Add and remove field values in the dashboard view

  • Filter by Custom Fields value on the dashboard

  • Add and Remove field values through request detail view

Please view the following video to understand how this can be done via the web app. The Labels field below is a custom multi-select field.

You can add and keep updating Custom Fields and their values depending on your workflow.

Custom Fields on Triage

Any Custom Field set for your account will be visible in the Triage message on the Triage channel. We currently have a limit of five custom fields that can be visible in the triage block.

Clicking on the Edit button will open a modal, from where you can add, remove, or modify any custom field's value on Slack.


  1. What is the character limit for text-type custom fields? Is this limit user configurable?

Answer: Currently, we have a 255-character limit on the text type custom fields. This limit is hardcoded and not configurable via the users now. Reach out to if you want to increase the limit for your account.

  1. Is there a limit on number of fields we can create?

Answer: Users can create as many single-select and multi-select fields. For the text type fields, we currently support the creation of up to 50 fields. Please contact if you want to create more than 50 text-type fields.

  1. How many fields will be displayed in the triage request block?

Answer: The first five configured custom fields will be shown on the triage message block. However, all the created custom fields will be visible once you click on the Edit button on Triage. All the fields will also be visible on the ClearFeed Web App.

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