Steps to add and index your public Knowledge Sources

Public Knowledge Sources refer to platforms that are publicly accessible without requiring any specific permissions. To index such sources on ClearFeed, follow these steps:

  1. Initiating the Process:

    • Launch the ClearFeed web app and head to Knowledge Sources from the navigation bar.

    • Hover over the Add Knowledge Source dropdown located at the top right corner and choose Public.

  2. Input Drawer Configuration: A side drawer will appear, prompting you to provide specific details:

    • Name: Designate a title for this Knowledge Source, which will be displayed on ClearFeed.

    • Tags: These are identifiers linked with every Knowledge Source, aiding in categorization and structuring. Customize tags based on your needs.

    • Root URL: Input the primary URL from which ClearFeed will initiate its indexing. Any URLs that are not branching out from this main URL will not be considered. For instance:

    • URL Conditions: Specify the conditions for what URLs to index. The following conditions for URLs are available: Index pages where the URL - Starts with, Does not start with, Contains, and Does not contain.

  3. Finalizing and Indexing:

    • After entering the above details, click on the Add button to save your addition.

    • The Knowledge Source will either start indexing immediately (reflected by an Indexing status) or will be picked soon (reflected with an Initiated status).

    • Once successfully indexed, the Knowledge Source will be marked with an Indexed status.

Tip: Optimize Indexing of Knowledge Sources with Sitemaps

ClearFeed will check every root URL for sitemaps. Using sitemaps is quicker than a full website crawl and is preferred. If a sitemap is found, we'll fetch all pages under the specified root URL, except the URLs you've asked to exclude. This ensures that all relevant pages connected to the root URL are considered.

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