Work on tickets from Email right from Slack with a bidirectional sync of replies

Email + ClearFeed as a support channel
  • Enable support email integration with ClearFeed for seamless user/customer request handling.

  • Incoming tickets from emails are directed to a dedicated Slack channel for easy access by agents.

  • Agents can promptly respond to these tickets from within the Slack channel.

  • Replies from Slack are automatically sent back to the requester via email.

Configure Email integration and Auto-response

To start setting up the email integration - head over to Email Setup and click on Setup for ClearFeed Email.

Add Email

If you don't have an existing email, you can use a ClearFeed configured support email that would be of the format -> support@<subdomain>.clearfeed-mail.com.

If you'd like to use a custom email address, please contact support@clearfeed.ai or reach out to us via Slack for assistance.

Configure Auto-response

ClearFeed can automatically send an acknowledgment to requesters once they send an email for support.

  • You can choose to enable/disable this acknowledgment message.

  • You can also customize the message.

Email Collection

An email collection is simply a dedicated Collection that is used to store email tickets.

  1. Go to Collections -> click on Add New Collection -> Select Email Collection.

  2. Add Responders (these will be users who will be responding to these tickets).

  3. Select the Request channel: This will be the channel where your email tickets will land.

    • If you want email tickets to come on a private Slack channel - learn how to monitor private channels with ClearFeed here.

  4. (Optional) Associate a triage channel: You can also create a fresh triage channel or link an existing triage channel to the Email Collection.

    • Learn more about triage channels here.

  5. Enable Workflows: These help you get alerts if the email tickets are left unattended. Learn more about workflows here.

Email Signature

Individual users who have access to the ClearFeed web console can choose if a signature is appended when they reply to the email tickets.

  • Head over to Email Setup

  • Configure and set the desired signature

Using the ClearFeed Email integration

How does the Email <> Slack integration with ClearFeed work?
  1. Requests sent to the support email will be shared on a Slack channel.

  2. Agents can respond to the email request by replying to the Slack thread.

  3. The replies are synced back to the customer/user as an email.

Requester Experience

  1. The requester can send an email for support to either your existing email address or ClearFeed support email (i.e. of the format support@<subdomain>.clearfeed-mail.com)

  2. If acknowledgment is enabled, the requester will get the acknowledgment as a reply

  3. Agent's replies are shared on the same email thread with the requester

Agent Experience

  1. Tickets from email are synced to a dedicated channel on Slack

  2. Agents can reply in the ticket thread - their replies will get sent back to the requester

  3. These tickets can also flow directly into a triage channel (if configured), and any replies from the triage channel are also synced with the requester via email.

Deleting Emails from the triage channel

  • You will find a dedicated button for email tickets on the triage channel called Delete Email.

  • If a new Email ticket comes into triage - and you recognize that as spam, click on the Delete Email button to remove it from the triage channel.

    • Replies on that email thread will not be synced back on Slack.

  • If there are existing responses from your team on the email ticket, the Delete Email button collapses the thread on triage and doesn't sync any future replies.


  1. Is the email integration available on the free tier plan for any ClearFeed offerings?

Answer: The email integration is only available on paid plans of ClearFeed. Explore the pricing and plans here.

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