Setup HubSpot Ticketing for a Collection

Configuring HubSpot ticketing for a Collection

  1. Go to the relevant Collection in the ClearFeed web app

  2. Click on Settings and then choose Ticketing Settings

  3. Choose HubSpot as the Ticketing Integration

  4. Choose the trigger mode (Emoji/Automatic)

    1. If it is an emoji-based creation, choose the emoji that should trigger ticket creation (the default is 🎟ī¸ emoji).

  5. Click on the ⚙ī¸ icon to open mandatory Additional Settings

Additional Settings for HubSpot ticketing
  1. Pipeline

    • You would need to select the Pipeline in HubSpot to which the tickets are filed.

  2. Ticket status

    • Select the initial status of the ticket filed using ClearFeed.

Follow the short clip below to understand the HubSpot ticketing setup process:

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