Workflows for MS Teams

With ClearFeed's workflow module, you can trigger notifications to configurable destinations when certain types of events occur.

ClearFeed offers an option to configure your workflows for each collection. You can use workflows to send alerts to third-party escalation or monitoring systems using webhooks.

Workflow Parameters

Following are the conditions, timer, and actions for a workflow:

  1. Conditions: Specifies the condition for the workflow to trigger.

    • Request Priority - All or specific priorities (Urgent, High, Normal, Low).

    • Request Type - All requests, only on new requests, or only on follow-up messages on the same request.

  2. Timer: Trigger the workflow after a delay.

    • Default values - 15 mins, 30 mins, etc.

    • Input a custom timer value

  3. Actions: The action to perform when the workflow triggers.

    • Send an HTTP POST request to an external webhook (e.g. PagerDuty, a Slack workspace, etc.)

Stay in the loop with new requests and follow-ups on MS Teams! Discover how ClearFeed workflows seamlessly bring these notifications into Slack here.

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