Creating HubSpot Tickets from Slack

Creating HubSpot tickets from Slack

Using Emoji
  • A conversation is initiated on the request channel

  • React to the first message on the thread using the 🎟ī¸ emoji.

  • A HubSpot ticket is created for the thread.

Automatic Ticket Creation
  1. Every new conversation (Slack thread) that is initiated on the request channel gets converted into a HubSpot ticket automatically.

  2. As soon as the ticket conversation occurs, ClearFeed posts a message on the Slack thread sharing the HubSpot ticket details.

Creating from Triage channel
  1. For any request in the triage channel, click on the More Actions button.

  2. A dialog box will pop up. Select the File a Hubspot ticket option and proceed.

  3. This successfully converts the request into a Hubspot ticket.

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