User Settings

User settings in ClearFeed allow you to manage users. You can invite users, manage their roles, and also whitelist important bots and domains.

To access the user settings page, navigate to the profile icon at the bottom left corner of the navigation bar → Settings → Users

Whitelisted Users from a Domain

Using this setting you can enable or disable the automatic sign-up of users from your company domain or whitelisted. If this setting is enabled, any user who accesses the web application from your company domain or whitelisted domains will automatically sign up as a user on the ClearFeed application with user privileges. You can disable this setting by unchecking this option. Please note that this setting will be enabled by default.

Manage Whitelisted Domains

Use this to add or remove whitelisted domains. Any domain added here will allow users from that domain to be invited to join your ClearFeed account. Users from Non-whitelisted domains are not allowed to be invited.


  • Adding a domain as a Whitelisted domain will automatically populate it in Allowing automatic signup option.

  • Also note that if you've enabled this option, any users from whitelisted domains will be able to automatically join your ClearFeed account.

Whitelist Bots

By default, ClearFeed does not monitor messages from bots in a slack workspace. Bot messages are generally posted on slack by other slack applications in the workspace and not slack users. If you want to enable ClearFeed to monitor messages from a specific bot, you need to whitelist the bot on ClearFeed.

Clearfeed automatically detects the bots that are available on your slack workspace for you to choose which one you would like to whitelist. You can multi-select bots that you want to whitelist and click on save to whitelist the bots.

Manage Users

Under this section, you can add, remove, or manage the privileges of the users in your ClearFeed account.

Click here to learn about the differences between Users, Agents, and Admins.

Current Users: Under current, you can see the list of all active users and you can also edit the user privileges. Please note that you can edit the privilege of the user only after being an Admin.

Removing a user from ClearFeed: Removing a team member will only prevent the user from accessing the ClearFeed dashboard. If you've whitelisted your domain, any user from your company domain will be able to join even after being removed.

Inviting Users: By clicking on Invite Users button, you will be able to add multiple users to access the web app. While inviting, you can choose their role as User/Admin as shown below.

Under Invited users, you can see the list of users who have been invited to join ClearFeed along with the role they have been assigned. You can also delete the invitation anytime.

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