Auto-create Intercom tickets

This feature enables all requests created by end-users in a request channel to automatically create an Intercom ticket that is integrated with the collection to which the request channel belongs.

This is generally used when you want your support agents to continue working on an existing ticketing system and don't want any new team members to monitor the Slack channels.

Using this feature, along with the bi-directional sync functionality, posts responses from agents in the ticketing system back on the same Slack thread and lets users continue the support chat from the Slack channel.

How to enable auto-ticketing for Intercom?

  1. Under Collection Settings, navigate to Ticketing Settings.

  2. In the trigger mode, select Automatic

  3. Click on Save and for all requests, Intercom tickets will be created.

Completed the setup? Check out the Features of Intercom ticketing and get started.

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