Integrate Linear with ClearFeed

You will need to be the Linear workspace admin to approve ClearFeed integration access.

Linear Integration

Please watch the below video to see a quick walkthrough of integration of Linear with ClearFeed


  1. Head over to Account Settings (Gear icon in the lower left) -> Integration Tab

  2. Press the Connect against Linear

  3. You will be prompted to log in to Linear (If you've already not logged in)

  4. Approve the authorization flow on Linear by selecting the Authorize button.

  5. You will be successfully redirected to ClearFeed with a success message

Once you have integrated Linear with ClearFeed, you should:

  1. Learn more about Linear ticketing:

    1. Set up Linear ticketing for a Collection. Read more.

    2. Understand the different ways to create Linear tickets from Slack. Read more here.

  2. Learn how to file a Linear issue against a request. Read more here.

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