Creating Intercom Tickets from Slack

Once you've configured Intercom Integration and enabled ticketing, you can go ahead and create an Intercom ticket from Slack using the following methods:

Features of Intercom ticketing

  1. The entire thread gets synced to Intercom: All the messages in the thread (initial message, replies, and any attachments in these messages) are saved as the description.

  2. Comments from Intercom get posted on Slack: Any public comments and attachments sent from Intercom tickets get posted on the Slack thread. ClearFeed will post these public comments as a bot which will display the agent's name and profile picture.

  3. Messages from Slack get posted on Intercom: Messages posted on the Slack thread will get posted on the Intercom ticket.

  4. Slack-channel name gets added as a Ticket Attribute on the Intercom tickets that will allow for the creation of automation around tickets originating from Slack.

  5. Sync with Triage Channel: All messages on the ticket and the request channel are also synced to the Slack thread on the triage channel. A part of the team can continue to work from the triage channel as well. All responses from the triage channel will be posted on the request channel and synced to the Intercom ticket as well.

  6. Internal collaboration on Triage: Internal comments (read here) will remain in the triage channel and not sync back to the Intercom ticket. This ensures that your team can collaborate internally keeping discussions private.

  7. Ticket solve and other state changes: When the ticket status changes state on Intercom, ClearFeed syncs the status of the ticket on the request channel thread. Moreover, status change updates are also posted on the thread when the Intercom ticket is moved to Resolved or Closed state.

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