Internal Helpdesk

  1. What is the billing unit for Internal Helpdesks?

Internal Helpdesks are priced based on the number of agents added to your account. Admins control the settings on which users are configured as agents.

  1. Who is considered an agent on ClearFeed?

An agent is a Slack user who can assign requests to themselves or other agents on ClearFeed. They are generally members of the team who respond to user tickets and need to manage their workflow and reporting via our helpdesk.

You can add users to ClearFeed from the Users section in your account settings and configure which of them will be agents.

  1. If I am an agent on multiple accounts on the same ClearFeed parent account, will I be only counted once or many times?

Yes, you will only counted as an agent once for billing purposes.

  1. Can non-agents participate in ticketing without paying for the agent license?

Yes, they can respond to employee tickets on Slack and be a part of the request and triage channels on Slack. They can also review all tickets on the ClearFeed dashboard. However, they will not be able to assign tickets to themselves or other agents or publicly be able to respond to messages from the triage channel.

  1. What a non-agent cannot do?

Non-agent can't assign any request to themselves or any other Slack User. Additionally, they can’t do a public response to requests/tickets from the triage channel.

  1. Does pricing depend on the number of Slack users raising tickets?

No there are no restrictions on the number of users. Any member of your Slack workspace can create a ticket on ClearFeed. However, a Slack user cannot assign any ticket to themselves or any other Slack users

  1. Does pricing depend on the number of members of the triage channel?

No, you can add any number of members to the triage channel on ClearFeed. You only need to pay for the number of agents who can own a request.

  1. Does pricing depend on the number of members who have access to the web application?

No, you can add any number of members to the ClearFeed web app without paying for them, as long as they are not users.

  1. Can I create an unlimited number of tickets with a single-agent license?

Each agent license can only cater to a maximum of 200 tickets/month. However, this limit multiplies as the number of agents' licenses increases. For example, if you have signed up for 3 agent licenses, then your agents can collectively create up to 600 tickets per month.

  1. What is the additional pricing beyond 200 tickets/agent/month?

There is a capacity of 200 tickets/agent/month allocated against every agent. If you exceed that capacity, you will charged for the additional usage.

For example, if you have signed up for 3 agents and the number of monthly tickets exceeds 600 tickets for the month, you will charged for an extra agent for each pack of 200 additional tickets. For example, in the case of 850 tickets and 3 agents, you will charged for 5 agents for the month.

  1. How to determine the number of agent licenses required by me?

As best practices, we recommend you purchase licenses equal to the total of the strength of your Customer Support/Success teams and managers if any.

  1. What type of billing plans does ClearFeed support?

We support both monthly billing plans as well as annual billing for upfront purchases at a discount (15%). The pricing for the starter and professional plans are shared on the pricing page. For the enterprise package, you should write to or set up a demo on the website.

  1. My pricing structure is different from the pricing shared on the website. Are there any exceptions to this?

Yes, you may have custom pricing shared with you by the sales team for the Enterprise Package. You can write to us if you need to clarify your pricing at

  1. How do you calculate agents in a given month?

You will charged based on max number of agents at any point in time over one month. We only consider a user an agent if they are configured as an agent for at least 2 days and not removed.

  1. How does ClearFeed do annual billing?

To avail of the annual discount (e.g., 15%), you must pay for the upfront purchase of ClearFeed Agents Licences at the beginning of the contract period. You will be charged once for a contract duration of 1 year based on your selected plan. Right now, we don’t support billing orchestration within the product. We will send you a Stripe link for payment and our preferred payment method is using a credit card.

  1. How are monthly overages calculated for the annual plan?

For the annual plan, for any additional utilization on top of yearly licenses purchased, we charge you based on actuals without discounts as overages for that particular month.

For example, You purchased 10 Licenses of Professional plan for 1 year. You will be charged for 10 agents with Annual discounts at the beginning of the Contract. Within that year, in any given month you utilized more than 10 agents licensed (say 12), then you will be charged for 2 additional seats as overage without a discount for that month.

  1. How does ClearFeed do billing for monthly subscriptions?

With ClearFeed, you need to pre-purchase the number of agent licenses you plan to use in any given month. For the first month, we will bill you based on the number of agents at the start of the month.

For every month of usage, we determine the number of additional ClearFeed Agents licenses you have used beyond the capacity already purchased and charge the monthly overage fees as per the plan that you are on. Moreover, for subsequent months; you will be billed for a month assuming your license usage will remain the same as the previous month. If the actual usage exceeds or falls short of the projected usage, the charges will be adjusted in the next billing cycle based on the difference in usage.

  1. What if I remove an agent in the middle of a billing cycle?

If you remove an agent, it will not affect the current billing cycle. However, in the next billing cycle, we will consider the starting agent licenses by excluding the removed agents.

  1. For an Annual Plan, will there be adjustments provided if the total usage is less than the total agent licenses purchased for the year?

The minimal service fee applicable will be based on the number of agent licenses purchased for the year. If you use less than that, there will be no adjustments provided in the next month based on the same.

  1. How is a billing month considered?

If you start on the paid plan of ClearFeed on 31st March, then the first billing month is considered from 1st April to 30th April. Subsequent billing months are considered in increments of calendar months.

  1. What if I want to cancel the plan in the middle of a billing cycle?

This is only possible to do for the monthly subscription plan. If you unsubscribe in the middle of the month, we will not charge you for the next calendar month and your contract will end at the end of the current calendar month. To do this you will have to write to us on

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