Integrate ClearFeed with MS Teams

Let us go through the steps to get started with ClearFeed for MS Teams

NOTE: If you are an existing ClearFeed<>Slack user, AND have the same email domain for your Slack and MS Teams accounts, go here.

Integrate ClearFeed with MS Teams

ClearFeed can be authorized and integrated with MS Teams by following the steps mentioned below. Only an Azure organization admin can authorize ClearFeed. This is a one time activity.

Signing up

  • Visit the ClearFeed web app

  • Log in using Google, Microsoft, or your Email.

    • Make sure to use an email ID connected to your MS Teams account.

  • Once you sign in for the first time, a ClearFeed account is automatically created for your email domain ( Subsequently, any users signing in from the same email domain will automatically join the existing account.

Integrate with MS Teams

  • Enter your phone number and click on Proceed:

  • Select Teams as the app to integrate with your ClearFeed account, and click on Continue

  • You will be prompted with an Authorization screen. Click on Authorize Teams.

  • You will be redirected to a Microsoft login page. Login to the Microsoft Teams account (Tenant) where ClearFeed will be installed.

    • Note: In case you have multiple Tenants in your organization, choose the one relevant to the Teams account where ClearFeed will be installed.

  • Grant the required permissions to ClearFeed to complete the OAuth flow by clicking on Accept

Once this is done, the integration is complete. You will be redirected to the ClearFeed web application.

Next, you need to install the ClearFeed app into one or more team under your chosen Teams account (Tenant). Learn how to do that here.

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