For existing ClearFeed<>Slack users

Learn how existing users of ClearFeed-Slack setup can also integrate with MS Teams

NOTE: If you are not an existing ClearFeed user, OR have different email domains for your Slack and MS Teams accounts, please go here.

Steps for existing ClearFeed<>Slack users

You will not be able to integrate ClearFeed with MS Teams on your own in the following situation:

  • Your organization uses the same email domain for both Slack and Microsoft Teams, and

  • You already have a ClearFeed account associated with this email domain, which is linked to your Slack account.

In such cases, a manual setup by our team is required. We will assist you in creating a new account from our backend.

Please reach out to our dedicated support team at or connect with us directly on Slack or Intercom.

Please note: Attempting to create a new account from your existing ClearFeed account (which is linked to Slack) for MS Teams integration will not be successful. This is because those new accounts will be configured to only connect with a Slack workspace.

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