Guidelines to add and index your private Notion Knowledge Source

Indexing Notion Knowledge Source

With the integration complete, you can now index your Knowledge Source

Step 1: Add your first Knowledge Source

  • Navigate to Answers from the navigation bar, and hover over the "Add Knowledge Source" dropdown at the top right corner to select Notion.

  • A side drawer will appear, prompting you to provide specific details:

    • Name: Designate a title for this Knowledge Source, which will be displayed on ClearFeed.

    • Tags: These are identifiers linked with every Knowledge Source, aiding in categorization and structuring. Customize tags based on your needs. Note: Notion will be a default tag.

  • After saving your addition, the Knowledge Source will either start indexing immediately (reflected by an Indexing status) or will be picked soon (reflected with an Initiated status). Get more details on Managing Knowledge Sources here.

  • Reindexing Notion Docs - To reindex Notion documents, manually reindex the knowledge source by clicking the "Reindex" button next to it.

Step 2: Test your Knowledge Source

Once the status of the knowledge source has been indexed, test the GPT-powered responses generated from it. Refer to the document below for more information.

Managing & Testing

Step 3: Enable 'Answers' in the Collection Settings

Navigate to the collection settings where you want to enable GPT-Powered Answers and enable 'Answers'. Refer to the document below for more information.

Virtual Agent & Agent Assistant

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