Setup Ticketing for a Collection

Following are the two things that you need to complete to start using Salesforce to create an case from a channel:

  1. Add the relevant integration in account settings

  2. Configure the integrated ticketing system's settings in collections

Details of #1 were covered in the previous integration section. Follow the below steps to configure collections configurations for Salesforce case.

Collection Configurations

  1. Choose the collection in the left panel

  2. Click on "Settings"

  3. Click on "Ticketing Settings"

  4. Choose the Salesforce as the Ticketing Integration

  5. Choose creation mode

  6. If it's Emoji based trigger, select the emoji from the pre-filled list

  7. Click on Save to successfully save the integration

Once you've completed the above steps successfully, you can go ahead and create a Salesforce case from any channel connected to the collection, for which you've set up the above configuration.

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