Collections are a group of slack channels on which similar request management and ticketing settings will apply. These settings include a set of responders, triage channels, workflows (eg. alerts on requests and no responses), ticketing settings and many more.

Note that any collections you create will belong to the same product edition chosen during account setup. To verify your current product edition, navigate to product editions in the account settings.

Creating a Collection

Note that Creating a Collection varies by Product Edition. Verify your edition in 'Product Editions' under account settings.

How to create a collection for different product editions?

Select your product edition from the options below to learn how to create a corresponding collection

Collection Settings

Collection settings allow you to configure important settings to manage the ClearFeed request/ticketing flow for each channel. You can set up monitoring, change channel & triage settings, configure emoji shortcuts, set up ticketing, delete your collection, and more!

Learn more here.

Removing and Moving Channels

You can choose to delete a channel from a collection, with or without removing ClearFeed it. Moreover, you can also move a channel into a new collection.

Learn more here.

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