Filing Github Issues against requests

Filing to External Systems is only possible through ClearFeed actions or Triage More Actions.

Once you have integrated Github to ClearFeed, GitHub issues can be filed against a request from Slack using two ways:

  1. ClearFeed Actions

  2. More Actions from Triage Channel

ClearFeed Actions:

Against the message/thread from the request channel you want to file a GitHub issue, select ClearFeed actions from shortcuts.

Select β€œFile a GitHub issue” option from ClearFeed Actions

Select the messages in the thread you want to be displayed in the GitHub issue. Note: Any attachments such as images selected to be filed will only be sent as a slack link

You can choose the repository in which you want to file the issue in. You can also edit the Title and description. You can also assign any user from GitHub to the issue.

Any labels and milestones from the GitHub organization can also be added while filing.

If the below check-box is selected, then updates from GitHub will be posted back to the same Slack thread when the Status of the issue has been changed.

Once the issue is closed, a message will be sent on the thread. On closure, a similar message will be sent.

Only Status updates on the filed issue will be posted back to the slack thread, which can be enabled or disabled while filing.

More Actions on Triage:

Similar to the request channel, you can file a GitHub issues from the triage channel easily by using the More Actions button on the triage channel. Read more about triage more actions here.

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