Integrate Slack & Internal Ticketing Systems

Work with your employees on Slack Channels from your existing Ticketing System using ClearFeed's bi-directional Slack integration

Before starting, ensure that you have integrated your Slack Workspace with ClearFeed and check that you have integrated ClearFeed with the external ticketing system of choice. Also, check that your product edition is set to "Integrations" on Product Editions.

Create your first Collection

  1. Navigate to Collections from the side navigation bar.

  2. Click on the Add new Collection button on the bottom-left of the page.

  3. Choose support team members as Responders

    • Responders are members of the support team

    • Responder settings are used to manage status changes on your ticketing system. Responses from your support team on Slack are considered like responses from the ticketing system

  4. Add Request channels on which you plan to provide support to customers

    • All public Slack channels can be added from the web app

    • Private Slack channels can be added by typing /invite @Clearfeed on the Slack channels. They can only be added after a Collection is created

  5. Under the Triage Channel configuration, choose the Proceed without Triage option

  6. Under Ticketing, select your integration and choose the trigger mode for ticket creation

    • Trigger mode for the ticket can be an emoji (eg. 🎟ī¸) applied to the thread or tickets can be auto-created on every new message on the request channel

Creating Tickets

  1. Anyone can apply 🎟ī¸ on a Slack thread on request channels and convert them to tickets

    • In case of automatic trigger, any new message from non-responders on the channel would create a ticket automatically

  2. After a ticket is created, ClearFeed will post a reply on the request thread with the following information: Ticket ID, Title (with a link to the ticket), and Color Coded Ticket Status.

Bidirectional sync of replies and status from the Integrated Ticketing System

  • Replies on the Slack threads are synced to the integrated ticketing system

  • Any public comments on the ticket are synced back to the same Slack thread

  • The status from the integrated ticketing system is also synced with the Slack thread

Other features enabled for respective integrated ticketing systems:

  • Slack Forms for creating tickets with fields from external helpdesks

  • Controls on which fields from external helpdesks are editable from Slack

  • Controlling which Ticket fields to display on Slack

  • Ability to work on tickets on Slack from Triage channels

  • To explore these in detail, explore individual sections for each integration:

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