🤖GPT-Powered Answers

What are GPT-Powered Answers?

With ClearFeed, you can set up an AI-powered Virtual Agent in request channels, and instantly deflect customer queries without requiring an agent's involvement.

Beyond this, you can also set up an Agent Assistant in a triage channel, helping agents in solving request by suggesting relevant responses.

How does it work?

We curate responses by indexing your support content from your Knowledge Bases, documentation, wiki pages, FAQs, and even Slack chats! Using this vast repository, we offer assistance in two ways:

  • Search Results: Suggests the most relevant snippets from your documentation to address the request.

  • Generated Answer: This answer is constructed by GPT, drawing information from the relevant snippets from your documentation.

Ready to Dive In?

The below sections cover how you can index your Knowledge Sources, and activate the Virtual Agent or Agent Assistant across your Slack channels:

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