White-label ClearFeed App

The ClearFeed app on Slack shows the ClearFeed logo and name during events when the app sends notifications or alerts. However, you can customize the app's display name and profile photo by accessing the white-labelling settings.

By white-labeling ClearFeed, you can amplify your brand awareness within Slack. Your company's logo and name will be prominently displayed, reinforcing your brand identity and increasing its recognition among your customers and even internally among your employees.

Note: Please reach out to the ClearFeed team on Slack or via support@clearfeed.ai to make the white-labeling configuration available for your account.

Steps to white-label the ClearFeed App:

  1. From the left-nav bar, go to Settings -> Additional Settings.

  2. Under the White-label ClearFeed section, you will see an option to Edit.

  3. Enter a new Display Name.

  4. Under the Profile Photo section, enter the exact URL of the image.

  5. Click on Save and you should see the chosen image load in the display window.

Examples where the white-labeled app will be visible:

Once you complete the above process to white-label the ClearFeed app, the updated name and logo will be visible in the below-mentioned scenarios:

  1. Messages sent by ClearFeed workflows

  1. ClearFeed's GPT-Powered automated answers shared on Slack

  1. Ticket details shared on the request channel thread

  1. Other ephemeral messages shared by ClearFeed when a user files a ticket or is auto-assigned a request

White-labeling for multiple accounts

  • If you have created child accounts that share the same Slack workspace, the white-labeling settings will be available in the parent account itself and the child accounts will inherit these settings.

  • If the child accounts share a different Slack workspace, then each of these accounts can have a separate white-labeling configuration which can be enabled by reaching out to the ClearFeed team via Slack or on support@clearfeed.ai.

Instances where the white-labeled app will not be visible

The ClearFeed app's legacy icon will still be made visible in multiple places even after white-labeling.

  1. Whenever you are viewing a collapsed message thread in Slack, the messages that come from external ticketing integration or different channels (propagated by ClearFeed) indicate the ClearFeed icon as shown below:

  1. Messages posted by ClearFeed showing senders' profiles: E.g., if you are on the triage channel and you hover over the user profile of someone whose reply has been synced from the request channel, the ClearFeed app's icon will be visible instead of the white-labeled icon.

  1. While adding the ClearFeed bot to any channel, the Slack command /invite @clearfeed shows up the ClearFeed app icon only instead of the white-labeled icon

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