Slack Channels

Before you start creating requests on Slack channels - you would need to create a Collection and add the channel(s) to this Collection. Once that is done - ClearFeed can monitor the channel(s) enabling you to create requests.

Learn how to create a Collection and add channels here: Collection, Monitoring Channels

Once ClearFeed starts monitoring a Slack channel, any new message from the non-responders is considered a request.

  • Any message from the requester on a channel creates a request on ClearFeed.

  • Requesters won't notice the presence of any Request IDs and their statuses.

  • If the Request is turned into a Ticket - the request properties are visible on the request channel.

Here's how the experience looks for a requester:

  • Requesters share their requests on a channel

  • Agents reply from either the triage channel or the web app

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