Monitoring Channels

Once a Collection is set up from the ClearFeed web app, we can add channels for ClearFeed to monitor them. There are two ways in which we can add existing channels to a collection.

  1. Using the web app to add channels to a Collection (Note: this method only works for public Slack channels).

Monitoring channels directly from Slack

We can add channels to an existing collection directly from Slack. This applies to both public and private Slack channels. To do the same, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to the channel you wish to monitor.

  • Add ClearFeed bot by typing /invite @clearfeed

  • Upon adding the bot, you will have the option to select if you want to configure the particular channel as a Request channel or a Triage channel.

  • Select As a Request Channel

  • Select the channel owner and collection to which you want to add the channel.

    • A channel owner is a user that you define to manage a particular channel. This user has the right to move the channel from one collection to another and transfer channel ownership.

  • Click on Start Monitoring and this channel will be monitored by ClearFeed.

Using the ClearFeed web app to monitor channels

We can add public Slack channels to a collection from the ClearFeed web app interface by following the below steps:

  • On the ClearFeed web app, go to Collections.

  • For the Collection where we want to add the channels, hover over the collection name and click on Action (three-dot menu).

  • Click on Add Channels, and the drop-down will show all the public Slack channels.

  • Select the desired channel and channel owner. We can add multiple channels in one go by clicking on "Add More Channels".

  • Once the channels are selected, click on Add. This would add ClearFeed to these channels and they would be monitored under this specific Collection.

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