Edit Zendesk tickets from Triage Channels on Slack

Track, modify and close your ticket across your integrations, right from triage!

You can manage Zendesk tickets filed using ClearFeed directly from a Triage channel. This allows agents to view and edit the ticket's details, and directly solve them, all from a Triage.

Ticket Management

Ticket Management is disabled by default across triage channels. Reach out to our support team at support@clearfeed.ai or connect with us directly on Slack or Intercom to enable this feature.

If this configuration is enabled in a Triage, converting a request into a ticket will modify its propagated message block on Triage. The original ClearFeed request properties and actions are replaced by those relevant to the ticketing integration, allowing for enhanced ticket management.

Changes in the Triage Message Block

  • ClearFeed ID is replaced with Zendesk ticket ID.

  • The request's Status, Assignee, and Priority fields from ClearFeed are replaced by those from Zendesk.

  • The Edit and Mark as solved buttons are replaced with Edit Zendesk Ticket and Mark ticket as solved button respectively. This allows agents to modify or resolve the ticket on Zendesk, directly from Slack.

  • The following action buttons relevant to requests will be removed: Take it, Mark as closed, Not a request, and More Actions.

  • The Answers button will remain functional (if Automated Answers are enabled).

Auto-assignment of ticket on Zendesk

Auto-Assign must be enabled in the relevant Collection

If a request is auto-assigned to an agent on ClearFeed, its corresponding ticket will be assigned to the same agent on Zendesk, assuming they have an admin/agent account there.

Note: If the ticket is already assigned to some agent on Zendesk, this will not work.

Pushing Private comments from Triage as Internal Comments on Zendesk

Note - This can be enabled by going to Triage Settings. Learn how to enable the same here.

Private messages are made by using the 🔒emoji before starting a message. These messages stay internal to Slack by default. But, there is a way to move these private messages to Zendesk as an Internal Comment.

Some Important Points

Effect on Existing Messages: Enabling this configuration will not affect existing messages in the Triage. This will only apply to new messages post-switch.

Handling Multiple Tickets: For requests generating multiple tickets, only the first converted ticket's details will be displayed in the propagated Triage message.

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