Reminders for Unanswered Requests

Send a reminder if the support team has not answered a new request or a follow-up

Reminders are usually alerts/notifications that can be configured to be sent on Slack. These are useful for tracking tickets/requests that are pending response from the support team.

Common use cases:

  1. SLA reminders

  2. Escalation reminders

  3. Managers can get these alerts to track open items

How to set up alert notifications?

Go to Collection -> Workflows -> click on New Workflow

  1. Select your workflow conditions (learn more about the conditions here).

  2. Select a Timer value

    • If your SLA for first response is 60 mins - set a Timer value to < 60 mins to get an alert if a ticket is Open for that specific amount of time.

  3. Select an Action:

    • DM a teammate on Slack: Choose this and select a person who would get the alert as a DM from the ClearFeed app.

    • Post a channel message: Post the alert in a dedicated Slack channel

    • Post a triage channel message: If you've configured a triage channel for the collection, the alert will be delivered to the triage channel.

    • DM Request Assignee: This would send the alert to the assignee

Note: If the Request Type is set to Only Tickets, then the workflow will be triggered only for tickets in the Open state and other states such as Pending or On Hold.

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