Automated Out-of-Office replies

Automatically send an OOO response for requests created outside your business hours

When your customers/users create tickets outside your support/business hours, OOO replies can be used to notify the requester of the unavailability of support at the moment.

Note: As a prerequisite - ensure that your business schedule is correctly set in your account settings. This schedule will be the basis for triggering your OOO replies.

Learn how to set your business schedule here.

Creating a workflow to send automated OOO replies

Go to Collection -> Workflows -> click on New Workflow

  1. Select your workflow conditions (learn more about the conditions here).

  2. Select a Timer value

    • Select 0 mins if you want to immediately send the response to the request

  3. Select the Action -> Respond with a Message

  4. Customize the message you want to send and publish the workflow.

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