Setup Triage

One Collection can have only one Triage channel attached to it. However, a single Triage can be linked to multiple Collections.

A Triage channel can either be created while setting up a Collection, or can be linked to an existing Collection.

Creating a Triage channel while setting up a Collection

When you are setting up a fresh Collection, ClearFeed provides an option to create a triage channel on your behalf. This channel will be directly linked to the created Collection.

  1. Set up a new Collection by following steps 1 to 5 mentioned in Creating a Collection.

  2. Once you have done the above - you can:

    1. Select the Create new channel option under the Triage channel section. Selecting this will let ClearFeed create a new triage channel in your workspace.

    2. If you do not want to create a new triage channel, you can select an existing channel instead via Select existing option.

  1. Complete the set up and you will have a new Collection linked with a Triage channel. This created channel would be accessible on your Slack workspace automatically.

Configuring a Triage Channel from Slack

When you have already set up a Collection but it has no triage channel attached to it - you can create a channel on Slack or use an existing channel as a triage channel. This method works for both public and private Slack channels.

  1. Go to the channel you want to configure as triage.

  2. Run /invite @Clearfeed and select Setup as Triage Channel.

  3. Select the Collection for which you want to associate this triage.

[Note: In the Select Collection dropdown, you will only see the Collections that do not have a triage attached to them].

Using Triage Settings to create a Triage channel

Create a triage channel from settings - this page contains detailed steps on creating a triage from the Triage Settings page.

Pro Tip:

  • Our suggestion is to mute all channels in the Collection, and use its linked Triage as your primary channel for request /response management.

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