Auto-file a Zendesk Ticket

This feature enables all requests created by end-users in a Slack channel to automatically create a ticket for any customer message. This is generally used when you want your support agents to continue working on an existing ticketing system and don't want any new team members to monitor the Slack channels.

Using this feature, along with the bi-directional sync functionality post responses from agents in the ticketing system back on the same Slack thread and let users continue the support chat from the Slack channel.

How to enable auto ticket creation?

Just like the process of setting up Zendesk for a Collection linked here, you can follow a similar process by heading to Collection > Settings > Ticketing and enable "Automatic" as the Trigger Mode.

Note: The automatic Zendesk ticket creation currently works for Collections without a Triage channel configuration. If you already have a Collection with a Triage channel, you would need to remove the Triage channel first and then proceed to enable Automatic ticketing for Zendesk.

How does it work?

Here is a short video on how can auto-ticket creation be set up and the process involved.

Thus, when Auto-ticketing for Zendesk is enabled, the following flow will happen

  1. When a requester sends a message on a request channel about a new query, a request is created on ClearFeed.

  2. Optional: If you have configured Zendesk Forms, you will be asked to select a Form and fill it to proceed.

  3. Upon completion, the ticket will be filed successfully.This Slack thread is now bi-directionally synced with Zendesk.

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